Generation Iron Phil Heath By engaging his fans through social media, Phil Heath may be expanding bodybuilding.

In today’s age, information is passing quicker than ever. With computers, internet, and social media providing quick and instant access to anything across the world – there is no excuse to not be informed on current events and pop culture – and bodybuilding is reaping all of the benefits.

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that bodybuilding has grown over the past 30 years. What started a niche underground sport of dedicated fans has slowly exploded into a cultural phenomenon. This is thanks in part to films like Pumping Iron and Generation Iron. But there is one thing that has always held back the sport from gaining an even bigger mass appeal – access.

Major pro bodybuilding events don’t occur as frequently as, let’s say, a baseball game – and they are never televised – so it’s almost impossible for a casual fan of the sport to become more involved without an extreme amount of dedication.

This is where Phil Heath comes in. Through social media, Phil has created an engaging environment for all of his fans. Allowing for insider information, insights, and news to reach the masses every single day.

If you haven’t seen Phil Heath’s twitter page – we suggest you go follow him now. He literally tweets every fifteen minutes; ranging from random thoughts, bodybuilding news, and personal insights to his day to day workout schedule.

Not only does he generate excitement, he creates an environment where the fans can actually become involved in the sport – even if they can’t attend the competitions or expos. He responds to many fan questions – candidly, not like a promoter pushing his brand. He instead talks like a man who truly loves his sport and wants to share that love with everyone else who loves it as well.

After spending just a few minutes on Phil Heath’s twitter page, you suddenly feel like you know him personally. You feel as if you are hanging out with him in the gym or at a major event that is across the country and you just have no way to be there in person. Phil Heath takes bodybuilding and puts it into your living room, or smart phone, or anywhere that you have access to the internet. There’s that key word again: access.

Phil Heath is a gateway into accessing the infinite wonders and details of bodybuilding. The pieces that you miss out when you can only rely on monthly magazines or the next big event near your town. Most importantly, Phil Heath does it because he is truly excited and happy to be involved.

That’s what bodybuilding needs – constant engagement and excitement on a larger scale. Of course, magazines like Flex and Muscle & Fitness have been able to provide insight and news for years through their publications – and now provide news on their respective websites. But the sad truth is that there is not one specific place where you can get all of the latest bodybuilding news – only bits and pieces.

We need live streams of bodybuilding competitions. We need our star athletes to interact with fans on a broader level. We need an established online network that organizes all of the federations and divisions on a level that the NFL or MLB does with their official websites.

The most exciting part is that we are just at the start. With Generation Iron and The Vladar Company producing and broadcasting Mr. Olympia for the first time in 30 years and pro athletes like Phil Heath constantly and honestly engaging with the fans and the sport – bodybuilding could continue to grow to phenomenal levels.

The appeal to any sport is being able to feel like you are a part of something. The more that bodybuilding connects, interacts, and invites the fans – the more this new generation will continue to grow.

We can only hope that here at the GI Nation that we are doing our part.


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