In Recent Training Vid, Arash Rahbar Looks Ripped And Ready To Destroy The Competition At The Olympia

Arash Rahbar is looking jacked AF!

The Classic Physique division was initially created to highlight the proportions of old. Rather than bodybuilders focusing their energies into turning themselves into mass monsters, the ideology behind the division was to harken back to the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ilk. The introduction of the division was met with support and detractors, but has now become an accepted part of modern day competition. The competitors have all shown some impressive genetics and physiques, chief among them being Arash Rahbar.

While not many have heard of Arash Rahbar before, the 2016 Olympia introduced the talented bodybuilder to a he works as he took second place in the Classic Physique competition. Many observers would have considered him the winner, but there’s no use in crying over spilled milk. Arash Rahbar instead used his placing as motivation to bring an even more impressive physique to this year’s Olympia.

While competitors like Sadik Hadzovic are right on his heels, Arash Rahbar is proving to be a bodybuilder who embraces the grind and is looking to make improvements on even the minute details of his physique. Classic Physique is getting very interesting as we approach the 2017 Olympia and Arash Rahbar is out to prove that he’s the king of the division. These days he’s looking extremely jacked and up to the task.

Do you think Arash Rahbar will rule over the Classic Physique division?

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