Regan Grimes is in Full Beast Mode Two Weeks Out from the Big Show

Regan Grimes is in full beast mode!

Open Weight bodybuilding and Classic Physique are two different beasts. Where Open Weight competitors have no limit to the amount of muscle they can pack onto their frame, Classic Physique bodybuilders must be very wary that they don’t push their bodies over the limit. Packing on too much weight can knock them out of the specific weight requirement, one determined by their height, and essentially strip them of that classic look they’re going for.

As a bodybuilder who has competed in both Open Weight and most recently winning his Classic Physique debut at the NY Pro, Regan Grimes has an understanding of what it takes to be successful in both worlds. He has pushed his body to the limit, packing on massive slabs of muscle to make a powerful, jacked, and shredded physique. Yet as a Open Weight competitor, Regan Grimes always looked undersized if impressive.

While he may have lost his pro debut, Regan Grimes would go on to reinvent himself eventually deciding to move to the Classic Physique division where he believes his frame would best be suited. While many of the Open Weight competitors want to claim that Classic Physique is an easier division to compete in, the reality is that it has it’s fair share of difficulties. Regan Grimes can just go in and pack on muscle, cut as much water as he sees fit and hit the stage. It’s a delicate balancing act of building up the body while remaining in the neighborhood of their weight limit dictated by the rules. That’s a major undertaking, a science experiment with the body.

As the 2018 Olympia approaches, Regan Grimes is putting the finishing touches on his physique and looks to be in full beast mode ahead of the big show.

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