Hoping To Avoid Bostin Loyd Comparisons, Owen Powell Gets Brutal Honest About Steroid Use

Owen Powell gets real about anabolics.

In mainstream sporting events, steroids are an absolute no no. Anyone caught using steroids in competition are forever labeled cheats, unworthy of even competing again. In bodybuilding however the stigma seems to be handled very differently.

Bodybuilding is an endeavor that is essentially all about pushing the body to limits that most think is impossible. Because of this, steroid use to bring about the ultimate form is something that is par for the course. That doesn’t mean that their are individuals against it however. After all, there are natural bodybuilding competitions for a reason. Still, in high level bodybuilding so many average individuals simply think that taking steroids will automatically turn you into a massive and chiseled beast. Unfortunately that’s far from the truth.

An up and comer in the sport with a ton of potential, Owen Powell is a bodybuilder who believes that the mindset that steroids will bring about massive change to your physique is simply false. In fact, Owen Powell believes that while steroid cycles can play a bit of a role in terms of fine tuning the body, the reality is that no amount of anabolic substances can instantly turn you into a champion. Take a look at his post below to see his thoughts on steroids and why he shouldn’t be compared to Bostin Loyd.

I’ve been getting alot of messages about steroids .. very polite messages actually , but I still think it’s important to tell you my opinion and priority … If you can’t get in contest Shape without a cycle .. then a cycle will do nothing for you . Don’t make me into Boston Lloyd where I just talk about steroids all the time .. I use very little before a competition at an elite level , I did the hard work without and I promise you every great physique you see who uses anabolics , knows how to diet , knows how to train , knows how to increase muscle and drop bodyfat without steroids, and a cycle literally just helps them recover faster and is the icing on the cake . Don’t ever start your journey by taking short cuts .. if you have never competed or your a teenager , or your still in the first years of training .. then steroids shouldn’t even be on your mind . That’s my opinion , have a great day ?????? #bodybuilding

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