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What would an Avengers weight training session look like?

The Avengers: Age of Ultron has finally premiered in the U.S. and tons of fans are likely headed to the movie theaters in droves. How could you blame them? The first Avengers was a wild and exciting ride that brought together some of the most popular superheroes ever created in one major motion picture. If you’re a comic fan it’s pretty hard not to be fired up for the sequel.

Now I know I could go on and on speaking about how great the movie is going to be or how much of a fanboy I am for the Marvel movies, but I think it’s safe to say that’s already been established. But one thing I have been thinking about is just what kind of regimen characters like Captain America and The Hulk would have to put themselves through to maintain the kind of shape required to save the world from invading aliens or hordes of intelligent robots. You couldn’t just wake up out of bed and tackle those odds without being in some impressive shape now could you. You have to wonder, just what the hell would their workouts look like? Well we compiled a list of what exercises they’d possibly perform in the gym.

Captain America – Military Press

Generation Iron Captain America

As the leader of the Avengers, a group of heroes gifted with some impressive powers and capabilities, Captain America is probably the least fantastical of the bunch. That being said, the guy can lift over a 1,000 lbs, so he’s no slouch either. We think the Captain would have no problem doing the military press in the gym, with a motorcycle in place of a barbell and plates.

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