A bodybuilding life lesson from the great Dexter Jackson.

Dexter Jackson is one of the most decorated bodybuilders currently competing in the industry. He’s consistently showed us time and again that the shelf life of a bodybuilder can last much longer than any other sport. So when he talks – you should all listen.

Case in point, Dexter Jackson often gets questions about why he lifts lighter weight. In this video compiled by Williams Fitness, Dexter Jackson answers with some wisdom that you should all take home to the bank. Because sometimes bigger is NOT always better.

You can watch the full video above – but the basic point is that bodybuilders are all about looks and not strength and so the goal of a bodybuilder should be to lift as little weight as physically possible while still gaining muscle size and impressive shape. Its a thin line to walk on – but that’s what make the top pros the best. Not just anyone can do bodybuilding the way Dexter Jackson and company do.

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