WATCH: Mikhail Shivlyakov Deadlifting 939lbs Until His Nose Bleeds At Arnold Classic 2018

An epic and bloody deadlift at the Arnold Classic 2018.

Strongmen and powerlifters do some amazing things during competitions. Perhaps sometimes for an average person this might be hard to realize. If you don’t know how much weight is in a plate, you might not realize just how much weight these guys are putting up. Then every once and a while you see a lift like this – one that is so intense that the man’s whole body begins to shake and blood literally pours out of his nose like a waterfall. Suddenly it become clear to anyone – even a completely uninitiated viewer couldn’t miss it – this person’s body is under incredible stress. So much stress that it threatens to crumble right down.

That’s what is so triumphant and exciting about strength competitions. That’s what makes this video of Mikhail Shivlakov at the Arnold Classic 2018 so amazing to watch. Check him out lifting 939 lbs until his nose rushes blood:

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