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  #2 middleweight Contender Yoel Romero is an olympic wrestler with vicious striking ability, and the power to knockout a horse, a nightmare for anybody. Hi calling card is his freakish athletic ability and his God like physique – leaving many to wonder if he’s just a physical specimen or if he’s getting any extra help? Tuesday’s revelation by the UFC will not help his case however as they were informed by the USADA that Yoel Romero had recently failed an out of competition drug test. Read the official UFC statement below.

The UFC organization was notified today that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) informed Yoel Romero of a potential Anti-Doping Policy violation stemming from an out-of-competition sample collection.

USADA, the independent administrator of the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, will handle the results management and appropriate adjudication of this case involving Romero. Additional information will be provided at the appropriate time as the process moves forward.

When asked for comment, Yoel Romero’s manager, Malki Kawa, issued the following statement: “We are gathering information and will have no further comment at this time.”

What does this mean for the division? well current champion Luke Rockhold was already skimping on the potential matchup with Romer as he was much more vocal about avenging his loss to Vitor Belfort or a rematch with #1 contender Chris Weidman. With this log in the fire it seems the potential matchup with Romero might be all but squashed as the champion took to twitter to tell the world exactly how he feels about the revelation.


Ultimately it’s up to Dana White and David Fertita who gets the next crack at the title but the public perception holds much weight in the UFC and the public right now is not on Romero’s side.  UFC vets and fellow middleweights tee off on Yoel Romero below.

https://twitter.com/TimKennedyMMA/status/687060212902019072?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw https://twitter.com/bisping/status/687065741678395393?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Ultimately all of this stuff is alleged and nothing has been confirmed. It seems as if people have wanted this or suspected it for a long time as no is giving the Cuban fighter the benefit of the doubt. Will he be vindicated or eaten by the media dogs? Stay tuned to find out. Tell us what you think about the article through our comment section or our social media outlets. Don’t be shy any and all opinions are welcome. Fbook, Insta, Twitter

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