Young Athletes Impress At SABA Bodybuilding Championships

The next generation of athletes are set to take center stage.

Over the past three weeks, the Saskatchewan Amateur Bodybuilding Association has held it’s championship contests, and many exciting local up-and-comers thoroughly impressed the judges.

Walter Wildey, age 25, placed second at Men’s Physique in only his first competitive year. He told his local paper, Prince Albert Now, he was even surprised at how highly he placed:

“You always go out with a positive attitude towards winning, but when you get there you see the others and you definitely have doubts whether you worked hard enough.”

Wildey implemented a 16 week camp for the show, and says the long preparation saved him from extremely severe depletion.

“It wasn’t too hard keeping a meal plan but it was definitely a lot more restricted than what I was used to.”

Placing in the top five qualified Wildey for the subsequent provincial competition in Saskatoon. He declined the opportunity, so soon after this show, but says he is excited to grace the stage again soon.

Another young competitor, 24-year-old Morgan Holmen. She also competed at Novice and took third in the Bikini Open contest.

Holmen actually initiated preparation for the 2017 show, but the demands of her diet and training regimen were too much and she never made it on stage. This year she came better prepared.

“Having had a bit of a taste of what it was like before and having a really good coach to help me get through it was very helpful. I didn’t expect to do as well as I did, so that was just kind of the icing on the cake.”

Both Wildey and Holmen have expressed intentions to move on to provincials in 2019.

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