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Breaking Down the Arnold Classic lineup.

The 2016 Arnold Classic is a few months away leaving competitors a limited amount of time to prepare for the competition. As far is fanfare goes, the event is missing some of the most popular names in bodybuilding today including last years winner Dexter Jackson, Big Ramy, Shawn Rhoden, and Dennis Wolf. It could be argued that since those four did so well at the Olympia that they’re focusing their attention elsewhere in hopes of making the proper adjustment to place higher at next years event.

With Kai Greene’s absence from the bodybuilding scene all of last year, many people have been wondering what the consensus number two bodybuilder in the world will bring to the table next year. The 2016 Arnold classic line up features the man known as the “The Predator” as well as some other familiar faces such as Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson, Juan Morel, and Evan Centopanni. It also features prospects Cody Montgomery and Justin Compton who had an impressive showing of his own at last years show. But with such a tremendous lineup of veterans at the 2016 event, do the young guns have any chance of winning the whole thing?


The short answer to that is no. Though both Compton and Montgomery are impressive, they haven’t yet reached the level to take on the veterans, specifically Warren and Greene. They are a cut above the rest, have been competing for a long time and have the muscle maturity to prove it. Cody Montgomery is a young upstart who has looked like championship material leading up to his acquiring of a pro card. Justin Compton definitely has a better chance at victory and no one knows exactly what kind of shape the young prospect is in. He could have put on tons of muscle and will cut down his water weight to make strong impression on the judges.

With only three months until the Arnold Classic, questions will continue to arise as to who has the best chance of victory or more to the point, who has the best chance at beating Kai Greene.

So who do you think will be the one to win the Arnold Classic? Let us know in the comments and forum. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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