Sadik Hadzovic Talks Negatives Of Steroid Cycle: “They Call It The Dark Side”

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Sadik Hadzovic broke down his feeling while using steroids and how he started.

Men’s Physique bodybuilder Sadik Hadzovic has been open about his fitness journey, including different workouts and trips to the grocery store. One area that he has not discussed was his steroid use but in a recent video, Hadzovic opened up about PEDs.

“I’ve been using anabolic steroids on and off about 20 different times, maybe 25 times, for about a three-month period at a time. So it’s like at the same level as creatine or an amino acid. It’s just, man, it’s so tough to talk about.”

In 2019, Hadzovic competed in the Arnold Sports Festival and decided to take some time off after a sixth-place finish. Two and a half years later, Hadzovic began sharing physique updates and preparing fans for his return. This came during the 2022 Pittsburgh Pro, where he secured first place in the Men’s Physique division.

Hadzovic also finished third at the New York Pro and was looking ready to make a statement at the Mr. Olympia but was forced to withdraw from the event.

“It’s a tool but it’s not this extraordinary tool that’s going to put on 30 pounds of muscle tissue without you training hard. If you don’t have the discipline to get in shape without it, you’re definitely not going to be in shape with it.”

Hadzovic continued to discuss how he began using steroids. The perception is that steroids are a major tool but athletes must still put in the necessary work to get the best results possible.

Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik Hadzovic Opens Up About Steroid Use

Sadik Hadzovic has been open about a return to the stage this year. During this video, he started by discussing the early days of his career. Hadzovic would model for magazines before bodybuilding. He did not use anabolic steroids during this time and even turned Pro without them.

“I turned pro without using anabolic steroids. I made it to the Olympia without using anabolic steroids. I would only use clenbuterol, which is labeled as a steroid but more so a fat burner, I think it’s an asthma medication.”


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Hadzovic credited the bodybuilders from the 1970s because they would speak about steroid use. He found it difficult to open up but took the first steps here.

The major change came within his personality and that included panic attacks and mood swings.

“The main thing was my mentality was different and not so much in a good way because then I started suffering from, once in awhile, I would get panic attacks. Once in awhile, I would really get kind of either hyper-aggressive or hyper-happy. You’re dealing with these extreme mood swings.”

Sadik Hadzovic would cycle on and off steroids during his career. This is because he did not need to be in competition shape for the entire year.

“Steroids are not a joke. Although I talk about it openly, it really is something, they call it the dark side. If I’m on for 16 weeks then I’m off for 16 weeks. I don’t cruise, I don’t do TRT. When I’m off, I’m off. I believe that’s how I respond the best.”

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