“How to Fight Off Death”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Fitness Habits To Reduce Mortality Risk By 50%

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Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to share different fitness habits.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has released a daily newsletter where he is able to speak to fans sharing different tips. This time, the bodybuilding legend spoke about how to reduce mortality risk in the gym.

Schwarzenegger referenced the British Journal of Sports Medicine when discussing his point.

“Research suggests that the best way to prolong your life is to include both resistance training and aerobic exercise.”

Arnold shared tips on how to stay healthy while sitting all day.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Instagram

How Long Should You Be Working Out?

Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed how scientists studied data to figure out what type of exercise was better and how long it would take to find benefits.

“Scientists analyzed data from nearly 100,000 people to determine behaviors that are associated with longer lifespans. Some of the most concerning data wasn’t about the benefits of exercise, but how few people consistently move. Only 16 percent of people said they regularly lifted weights, and 32 percent performed weekly cardiovascular exercise.”

Ultimately, Arnold explained how anywhere from three to five hours of exercise per week would be beneficial.

“The current recommendation is to get 150 to 300 min of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise per week. So any movement is better than no movement, but the more you’re able to push the intensity a few times per week, the more your body will thank you in the long run.”

Arnold’s Workout of the Week

Along with tips for health and wellness, Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared workouts of the week. During his recent edition of the newsletter, this workout was recommended:


  • Squats

  • Deadlifts

  • Clean and press

  • Thrusters (squat and press)

  • Pullups or inverted row

How it works

  1. This is a timed workout. You’ll set a clock for 20 minutes and then set a timer for 60 seconds.

  2. Perform two reps of one exercise (you can select from the list below). Then, rest the remainder of the 60 seconds. So if it takes 5 seconds to do the two reps, you’ll rest the remaining 55 seconds.

  3. After that, you’ll do another two reps, rest for the remainder of the 60 seconds, and continue until the 20 minutes are up. This style is known as EMOM (every minute on the minute) and can allow you to get a lot of volume, use a heavy weight, and feel like you’re doing cardio.

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