Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Best Tips For Recovery & Checklist For Healthy Diet

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared some insight in his latest edition of his newsletter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger built a career that has him as the best of all-time. Since retiring from on-stage competition, Schwarzenegger has remained active in the fitness world and has taken on other ventures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won seven Olympia titles on stage before diving into politics and acting. He has been featured on the big screen many times and has even tried his hand at journalism, most recently a newsletter called The Pump Daily.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Diet Checklist

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared another edition of his newsletter and went over some tips to help others interested in health and fitness. Below, check out his healthy diet checklist:

  • Eating more than 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day (for reference, this is about 3 pieces of fruit and 2 cups of vegetables)
  • Keeping total dietary fat to less than 30% of your total daily calories (if you’re following a 2,000-calorie diet, this means you could eat up to 65 grams of fat per day)
  • Limiting saturated fat to 10 percent (or less) of your daily caloric intake
  • Keeping sugar to less than 10 percent of your daily total calories
  • Eating 25 grams (or more) of fiber each day
  • Consuming more than 3500mg of potassium (potassium is found in many foods including potatoes, avocado, bananas and oranges, green veggies, dairy, cashews, beans and lentils, and salmon)

Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to explain how these certain diet habits can prove beneficial.

“The diet habits provide some good recommendations without telling you exactly what to eat. And that’s a great reminder that the best diet is the one that you can follow. So don’t overthink the need for one style of eating, and instead focus on the bigger picture categories.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Adds Tips For Recovery

Arnold Schwarzenegger built an elite physique at a young age. He knows all of the tricks of the trade when it comes to rest, recovery, and training.

“How much time off do you need between training sessions? If you’re not a beginner, you might need much less than you think. One of the most commonly held beliefs is that your body needs at least 48 hours of rest before you train the same muscle again. So if you trained your chest and back on Monday, you’d want to wait to hit those muscles again until Wednesday, at the earliest.”

Schwarzenegger continued to explain a study done by researchers to find the best way to recover. During this study, participants performed two sets of 11 exercises. The first set was 10-12 reps with the second focused on doing as many as possible.

This continued for four days and they found that many participants did more reps on the fourth day than any of the others. So, what does this all mean?

“The combination of more lifting experience and not pushing to failure made it possible to train more often, recover, and still stay strong.

“This is good news for people who need to settle for shorter, more frequent workouts. It shows you don’t have to do endless sets in the gym. Instead, if you can push yourself hard for a couple of sets and find your way to the gym several days per week, you can see amazing results without burning out your body.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to provide details and knowledge for those looking to improve their lifestyle and performance in the gym. In his newsletter, this is a common practice while he also answers questions sent to him.

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