Do you need to cut sugar completely if you want to lose weight and get shredded?

This has been what seems like a no brainer for most people looking to get healthy – cut sugar from your diet and you will lose weight. It’s rarely questioned… but now Kenny K.O. is here to tell you that maybe you SHOULD start questioning that logic. Before we continue further – it’s important to note that this video and article are discussing specifically sugar as it affects weight loss. There are tons of things unhealthy about sugar beyond weight loss that will not be mentioned here. So even if you can get shredded while eating candy and sugary items – that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s completely healthy.

That being said – Kenny K.O. is very confident that you an lose weight and get shredded even if you keep sugar in your diet. How does he know this? His own personal experience. As he says himself – Kenny was able to get into some pretty lean shape while eating candy almost every single day. Does Kenny’s personal experience mean the same thing for everyone around the world universally? Absolutely not – but it just goes a long way to show you that weight loss can’t be painted by one single brush of rules. Every body is different – and if you keep track of your macros and experiment with what works for your body… you might be able to have some sugary snacks in your diet more often than you think.

There’s no quick way to figure it out – but that’s part of the fun if you are passionate about fitness. Check out the full video above!

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