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It’s all in the posture.

In the hunt for building more muscle and obtaining an aesthetic physique it’s become commonplace to try and find the next big thing that will be the answer to all your bodybuilding needs. It’s only natural. Bodybuilding is about personal improvement both physically and mentally. The drive to push past your limit, be honest with yourself, and gain the level of fitness and aesthetics you deem worthy.

For the most part when we go through the process of finding some new muscle building boon, it usually comes in the form of supplements like protein shakes and foods like red meat. Both are great for the task at hand, but you have to wonder if there’s some other alternative that can be used without shelling out a ton of money. Food has always been the number one solution for testosterone production, one of the major keys for muscle production. That being said, could you increase your testosterone levels simply by controlling your body language?


Well according to some recent TED talks, it seems that testosterone production can be linked to the way you carry yourself within a social realm. Apparently your body language has a great deal to do with your ability to produce testosterone naturally. It definitely sounds far fetched, but when you take a moment to think about it there could be some merit to the idea.

Think about the idea of the alpha male. A person with that kind of superior mindset usually performs better in athletic endeavors as well as commands a certain level of respect in social situations. Confidence has a correlation between success and defeat, those who have it endeavor to push themselves to complete a task while those without it are quicker to concede defeat. One study states that having “high power posture”, standing in a confident and dominant fashion (hands on hips, head held high), can increase your testosterone levels by 20% and decrease your cortisol levels. “Low power posture” on the other hand, sitting or standing without confidence (head and shoulders slumped), can actually decrease your testosterone levels as well as increase cortisol production.

We still weren’t completely convinced, but the chart and video below offers a great bit of insight on the subject.

generation iron

For bodybuilders this definitely isn’t a surefire solution to testosterone production, but it’s definitely something to be considered. Try it out and see what results you can reap from having a “high power posture.”


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