Bodybuilder ‘Monster’ Marco Luis Has Passed Away At 46

Marco Luis Instagram

Marco Luis was beloved in his community as a bodybuilder and fitness coach.

Portugese bodybuilder Marco Cesar Aguiar Luis has passed away at 46 years old during the 2024 FIBO events. There has been no cause of death revealed at this time.

On Monday, Luis’ wife confirmed the news on Instagram.

“I’m not into publications, let alone of this sort, but after so many messages, Yes I can confirm that Marco has died.

He was in paradise doing what he loved.”

She continued to say how Luis passed away in Cologne, Germany. She will be returning his body home once it is released since he passed away in a foreign country.

“Thank you all in advance for all the support I’ve received. You’ve been tireless. I ask for everyone’s understanding at this difficult time and please I ask for Respect.”

The Career of Marco Luis

Marco Luis, who was nicknamed “Monster,” was from the island of Terceira in the Azores archipelago. He built a great following on social media, eclipsing 25,000 followers on Instagram. He became well-known as a bodybuilder and fitness coach.

According to Daily MailLuis shared an online biography where he explained how he got started in the fitness world. He did not gain a passion for fitness until he began Judo at 20 years old. He remained a natural bodybuilder until 32 and competed on stage for the first time at 40 years old in 2018.

“I was born with physical problems that made it impossible for me to do sports and at the age of 20, when I started Judo, I soon saw that my passion was muscle and with the help of my father we made cement weights and I started training at home and it was at home that I always trained, buying weights and machines little by little, and today, after 26 years, I have a gym with the bare minimum.”

Marco Luis wold regularly share videos from the gym or posing. He built an incredibly shredded physique and was able to show it off doing what he loved. Many fans and friends of Luis and his family have commented on different posts and shown great love for the bodybuilder.

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