Powerlifting Legend Zahir Khudayarov Squats 1,080 Pounds During Training Session

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Zahir Khudayarov continues to reach new heights in the gym.

Powerlifting legend Zahir Khudayarov continues to put up massive numbers in the gym. During a recent training session, Khudayarov showed off a 490kg (1,080.3lb) squat with knee wraps.

Khudayarov has set a goal of reaching 500kg (1,102.3lb) on the squat rack with nothing but knee wraps. This would beat his personal competition best by 20kg. On Monday, Zahir shared a video on Instagram showing off a squat session where he split the difference and was able to reach 490kg.

During the video, Khudayarov is seen stepping up to the bar initially with 455kg (1,003lb) for his final warmup. The powerlifter was able to move with no issue and decided to make the big jump. Khudayarov had shakes in his legs as he took the barbell off the squat rack but once he began lowering to the ground, it went up easily once again.

Zahir Khudayarov Completes Insane Squat

Zahir Khudayarov put together an incredible career during a 12-year span. He won 17 titles during 24 sanctioned competitions that he competed in during this time. Khudayarov built a reputation as one of the strongest competitors in the world and he continues to set new goals for himself.

Khudayarov has not competed in a competition in half a decade but remains active in the gym and this insane squat shows just that.

#squat 455Kg/1003lbs 490Kg/1080lbs

All my time ????”


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Zahir Khudayarov’s Best Lifts

  • Deadlift: 390kg (859.8lb) during the WPC Irish Pro Invitational III
  • Bench Press: 260kg (573.2lb) during the 2015 FPO Paimio Power Weekend
  • Squat: 480kg (1,058.2lb) during the 2017 FPO WABDL World Cup
  • Total: 1,112.5kg (2,452.6lb) during the 2015 FPO Paimio Power Weekend


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Why Improving Squats is Important

As to why you should be mindful of improving your squat, there are a few reasons, let’s dive on!

For one, gains are far better with better form. Who wouldn’t want their gains to be more glorious? For example, if you are half-repping your squats, or any exercise for that matter, you are not getting the full muscular engagement as opposed to when you complete a full range of motion. Squatting with the best possible form, leads to the best possible gains for the lifter, and not just in the legs. The squat also works the posterior chain as well as the core.

Another reason to be mindful of how you are squatting is injury. Performing squats incorrectly could result in things like back issues, knee issues, and other unwanted issues that could put you out of commission. It is every lifter’s worst nightmare to be injured to the point where they cannot hit the gym at maximum strength. Make sure to do everything you can to avoid something like that.


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Zahir Khudayarov Squat Wrap Up

Overall, Zahir Khudayarov is a great lifter that truly demonstrates some serious strength. That being said, what is your max squat? Let us know!

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