BPI Sports Files For Bankruptcy


BPI Sports officially filed for bankruptcy last week.

Sports nutrition company BPI Sports has officially filed for bankruptcy. According to multiple documents, the filing date was Sept. 18. The deadline for filing claims is Nov. 27 of this year.

BPI Sports is a company that produces many different nutrition products and supplements. It has worked with some of the top names in fitness, such as Mike O’Hearn, Jay Cutler, Kamal Elgargni, and India Paulino. O’Hearn was among a list of creditors, along with many employees and those who are owed money by the company.

On Monday, Marc Lobliner of Tiger Fitness commented on BPI Sports during a YouTube video.

“BPI went under, one because of bad luck. GNC stiffing them, not good but good luck climbing out of that hole when you’re operating on 15 points. Good fuc*ing luck.”


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Former Executive James Grage Comments

James Grage is a former executive at BPI Sports, who left the company back in 2018. When the news broke and others began watching Lobliner’s video, Grage was being asked about the news.

On Monday, Grage took to YouTube to “clear the air” from his perspective.

“I wanna clear the air on something. Yesterday, a video went up about my former company, BPI Sports, filing for bankruptcy and apparently it had a thumbnail picture of Jay Cutler, myself, and Marc. So, a lot of people are reaching out asking me ‘hey, what’s up?'”


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Grage continued to discuss his personal journey out of BPI Sports and how he does not have any knowledge about the current situation.

“So, here’s the backstory. I actually left BPI back in 2018. Resigned from my executive position, sold all my shares. It was just time for me to move on at that point. So, I haven’t been there in like five years so lost touch with everyone over there so I don’t really know what’s going on. It is a shame to see the company in this position right now. It’s something I did help build so you want to see it succeed but I don’t have any details on what happened. I do wish everyone over there the best of luck.”

BPI Sports officially filed for bankruptcy and there has not been comments made just yet. This will be an ongoing situation for the company moving forward.

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