Arnold Schwarzenegger Answers Whether Creatine Causes Hair Loss

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Arnold Schwarzenegger clears up the rumors about creatine causing hair loss.

Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most influential voices in bodybuilding today. Decades after his career ended, the seven-time Mr. Olympia champion and Arnold Classic founder continues to share knowledge with the next generation. This could be about fitness or overall health, and in this case, nutritional supplements. In this post, we will detail Schwarzenegger’s response to the question, does creatine cause hair loss?

Schwarzenegger started Arnold’s Pump Club, which is a daily newsletter where he can share opinions and different research with viewers. He has touched on workout routines, diet plans, supplements, and even mental health.

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Schwarzenegger referenced research from the National Library of Medicine to discuss the relationship between hair loss and creatine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared that he underwent another heart surgery.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Instagram

Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

The public perception of steroids has varied and changed over the years. This began by many believing it was a steroid. Now, there are questions about its side effects.

“Thanks to some misinformation in the late 90s, people initially thought it was a steroid (it’s not even close). We now know that your body naturally produces creatine; it’s found in food, and supplementing with it can improve muscle, strength, fat loss, and brain health and even help you overcome a bad night of sleep.”

Schwarzenegger shares that research shows that there is “little reason” to believe that creatine causes hair loss. In 2009, studies showed that creatine increased DHT levels, which is connected to hair loss. Ultimately, the changes in levels were not significant and within range.

“Most importantly, the study measured serum (blood) DHT levels, which does not indicate hair loss. You need to measure hair follicle DHT. Your skin produces different DHT than what you find in your blood, meaning the DHT changes from the one creatine study are unrelated to DHT changes linked to hair loss.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently spoke about the best type of creatine to use. He believes there are many out there who are using the wrong kind.

“We recommend Momentous Creatine. Momentous is third-party tested to guarantee label accuracy and safety, and they use a trademarked form of creatine (Creapure™), which has the strictest lab standards to ensure all creatine is at least 99.9% pure.”

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