Larry Wheels & Vladislava Galagan Lift Heavy & Hit Delts Together

Vladislava Galagan and Larry Wheels shoulder workout
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Wheels and Vladislava keep the weights heavy during their short but intense duo delt training. 

The show’s star is the shoulders, a muscle group that can significantly enhance your physique. Developing strong delts broadens your frame and improves your V-taper, a key factor for bodybuilding success. Larry Wheels, a powerlifter turned bodybuilder, and Vladislava Galagan, a social media influencer, recently teamed up for a training session. They challenged each other’s strength with a demanding shoulder workout at Binous Gym in Dubai. 

Full Name: Larry Wheels (Powerlifter and Bodybuilder)
Weight Height Date Of Birth
244-255lbs 6’1″ 12/3/1994
Division Era Nationality
Classic Physique/Powerlifting 2010, 2020 American

Testing various strength sports like powerlifting, strongman, arm wrestling, and bodybuilding, Larry Wheels emerged as a prominent figure in fitness. Beyond his sports achievements, Wheels candidly shares every aspect of his life with fans, addressing his experiences with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). He demonstrated his full experience and how it affected his physique before and after steroid usage, tapering off roids to testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Full Name: Vladislava Galagan (Female Competitive Bodybuilder)
Weight Height Date Of Birth
185-190lbs 5’9″ 1997
Division Era Nationality
Women’s Bodybuilding 2010s, 2020s Russian

Vladislava Galagan, a Russian rising star in bodybuilding, gained fame as the “Kendall Jenner of Bodybuilding” due to her muscular yet feminine physique. Her popularity catapulted her into financial success, and she earned up to $10,000 monthly after her viral rise on OnlyFans. Galagan is also open about her experience with PEDs and admits to using them to enhance her physique.

Larry Wheels’ & Vladislava Galagan’s Shoulder Workout

Exercises  Sets Reps
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 6
Barbell Upright Row 3 8-10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 5-7/to failure 

Before each movement, Wheels and Galgan performed a warm-up set. They kept the weights heavy and did fewer reps. 

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press


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This compound shoulder movement is excellent for engaging the anterior delts (1). Wheels acknowledged during the shoulder press that mobility becomes limited the bigger the delts get. Yet, despite using heavier loads, he doesn’t believe in partial reps

“We’re going to start with what I’m very happy to hear which is her suggestion, her workout, dumbbell shoulder press. And I’d say we go to the main room They only go up to about 40-50 kilograms here. I want to go a little bit heavier, and then I’ll let you take the lead from there,” says Wheels.

Barbell Upright Row

Wheels say lifting heavy loads is less important to him after performing heavy reps with the seated dumbbell shoulder press. Wheels states: 

“My shoulders are not used to doing this movement… After the very first exercise, which is the heavy compound movement. I tend to not worry about weight anymore and just worry about form and function. Getting the mind-muscle connection, a good contraction. The first exercise is important for me to build strength and dense muscle….After that, I like to use much lighter weight and just get a good pump.” 

The barbell upright row is an accessory movement that engages the front and lateral delts and traps.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise 

The dumbbell lateral raise isolates and targets the medial delts (2). Wheels shared that he keeps his elbows high and scapula retracted for optimal results. 

“The more anabolic you are, the more capped off your delts and traps get. That’s the first thing that responds,” says Wheels. “Elbows need to stay high, stay tall, if you’re going too heavy you’ll look like this [leaning forward] traps come up, I try to keep the scapular retracted especially and do the side raises that way it disengages the traps.” 

Wheels advised Galagan to push her deltoids to their limit with her coach, emphasizing that three to four sets are adequate for shoulder growth with sufficient intensity. According to Wheels, increasing workouts’ volume significantly enhances bodybuilding results.


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After her YouTube video, Galagan reflected on her shoulder workout with Larry Wheels, noting it was the first time she felt intimidated and truly challenged. “That was the first workout I felt scared,” she remarked, adding that such a feeling was particularly unusual for her, given her Russian background.

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