How Mike O’Hearn Works Out With Real Intensity For Gains

Mike O'Hearn

Get a great workout pump from Mike O’Hearn, the natural monster bodybuilder.

Mike O’Hearn is a bodybuilder, fitness model, actor, and entrepreneur who has had a long career both inside and out of the gym. With a massive physique and following, people fell in love with his hard style of training in the gym and his cool, personable attitude out of it. He has been seen working out with many different influencers and fitness stars, such as Joseph Baena (the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger), Rich Piana, amongst others, and his style of hard training is admirable.

When it comes to getting a great pump, and especially for those of us only seeking the natural approach, we need to pay attention to those natural bodybuilders with incredible accolades. They’ve done it before, they know what it takes to succeed, and they are living proof that you can get huge without using any performance enhancing drugs to see gains. While it does take more effort from your training, diet, and supplementation, clearly it is possible to see massive gains all-naturally and Mike O’Hearn is a prime example.

In this post we will detail Mike O’Hearn’s workout routine to training hard and achieving all those gains you want most at 40+. Looking to someone like Mike can be incredibly helpful for he wants to inspire others and share his knowledge of the bodybuilding and fitness world.

Full Name: Mike O’Hearn
Weight Height Date Of Birth
245-255 lbs. 6’3’’ 01/26/1969
Profession Era Nationality
Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Actor, Entrepreneur 1990, 2000, 2010 American

These workouts from Mike will provide serious growth with a variety of exercises for all your gains and give you a chance to see results while remaining all-natural. Mike has made a great career for himself staying free of enhancing drugs and these workouts can show you how.

Mike O'Hearn workout

About Mike O’Hearn

As the youngest of 10, Mike was always picked on by his siblings. Coming from a family of bodybuilders and powerlifters, Mike’s way of living up to and exceeding expectations was to be the best out of everyone. Hitting the gym and starting his bodybuilding journey, packing on some serious muscle mass gave him not only a massive physique, but also the confidence to do just that.

His career includes notable finishes as a 4-Time Mr. Natural Universe Champion, Mr. America, Mr. International, Mr. World, and a 4-time California Powerlifting Champion. He has starred in movies and television and was featured in over 500 magazines, mostly on the cover. He also was featured in Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life as it is rumored that he is indeed natural, even though many people deny it, such as Kenny KO. Working with charities as well, Mike’s philanthropic work involves helping animal rescue shelters so animals can find loving homes.

mike o'hearn workout

Mike O’Hearn Training Routine

Mike’s hard style of training is well noted and a main reason people love him. He generally works with heavy compound movements, but of course, typically will sneak isolation movements to change things up and fine tune the muscles. Either way, he puts out as much intensity as he can. With his core lifts being the incline bench, squat, and deadlift, he is sure to target all of his muscles to aid in his absolutely shredded aesthetic.

Let’s take a look at some awesome workouts from Mike including chest, back, legs, and arms so you too can see serious growth like Mike himself.


Exercises Sets Reps
Incline Barbell Bench Press 3 10
DB Bench Press 3 10
Incline Fly 3 8
Decline Chest Fly 3 8
Push Press 3 10


Exercises Sets Reps
Underhand-Grip Lat Pulldown 3 12
Cable Row 3 10
Underhand-Grip Chest Lat Rows 3 12
Elevated Pulldowns 3 10
Back Extensions 3 10


Exercises Sets Reps
Back Squat 4 8
Leg Press 4 10
Hack Squat 4 10


Exercises Sets Reps
Triceps Pushdown 3 10
Skullcrushers 3 10
Triceps Extension 3 10
Barbell Curls 3 12
Cable Curls 3 12
Cable Concentration Curls 3 10
Preacher Curls 3 10

As you can see, Mike O’Hearn’s workouts include a good amount of volume, hitting sets in the 8-12 rep range. However, it is worth noting that he really focuses on the contractions and the mind muscle connection, so checking out one of his videos will give you the best image and explanation of this.

Cardio Work

For cardio, Mike does put a bit of an emphasis on this and will break his cardio training into week cycles as follows:

  • Weeks 1-4, 4 days/week, 30-minute sessions
  • Weeks 5-8, 5 days/week, 45-minute sessions
  • Weeks 9-12, 6 days/week, 1-hour sessions

Mike’s Nutrition

As a bodybuilder, and someone who prides themselves on routine and a shredded physique, Mike typically eats up to 8 meals a day. When looking at his meals, they all include a good balance of protein, fat, and carbs. With many of his meals during the day, you will see a swap out for vegetables instead of traditional carbs like rice.

Trying different things can greatly impact your gains and for Mike, what works for him may not work for others and he wants people to know that. Finding your own groove is what will help keep you on track to avoid any diet slipping and cheat meal binging.

Mike O'Hearn

Best Ways To Enhance Natural Gains

While diet and the right training routine are exactly what you need to see huge gains, it would be a disservice to neglect a good supplementation routine to capitalize on all those goals. What supplements can do are assist your daily routine by providing you with extra nutrients and important ingredients that are worthwhile to promote gains like muscle growth, recovery, immunity, and many more.

For those looking to increase strength and improve recovery, definitely check out protein powders, but also look into mass gainers, creatine, and BCAAs for highly effective muscle building supplements. If you struggle to get started before your workout, definitely look into a pre-workout which can offer energy and give you a great boost to help tackle any of your needs. For outside training, consider a multivitamin or omega-3 supplements to aid in health and wellness to keep you thriving inside and out of the gym.

Another type of supplement worth looking into are testosterone boosters, as testosterone is a key muscle-building hormone.

Wrap Up

Mike O’Hearn has had an incredible bodybuilding career, among other notable professions. As someone who prides themselves on their ability to work hard and see the best gains possible, Mike is certainly one of those athletes for us all to pay attention to as we seek the best from our own workouts. Between his training, nutrition, and supplementation, Mike knows exactly what is needed to see real growth and of course, give you that massive and shredded aesthetic that others will envy. Give these Mike O’Hearn workouts a try and see what they can do for your routine today.

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*Images courtesy of Mike O’Hearn Instagram

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