Best Cardio Methods For Bodybuilders Who Hate Running


A little bit of cardio does wonders.

We’ve heard it a million times – “I love working out I just hate running.” Since we were young running has been touted as the ultimate form of cardio. Those weekend warriors with their Nike spandex gear don’t make it any easier. With watches that track every step and instagram pictures to boot – these guys wear every mile as a badge of honor.

Well we’ve got news for those guys. While running is definitely good in moderation, too much of constantly pounding the pavement will wreck your joints especially your knees. Compounded with the massive size of most bodybuilders it’s no wonder it’s not every athlete’s cardio of choice. Well good news. We’ve got 5 five exercises just as good…nay, BETTER than running that will be right up your alley.

20 minute 10 meter sprint

The first thing you need to do is mark out a length of 10 meters (about 10 steps), this will be your work area. You want to cover that 10 meter distance once within one minute (too easy right?). Now you want to cover 10 meters 2x within the same amount of time. Keep going until you can complete 20 meters in one minute.

This exercise starts slow but gets turned up real fast. Don’t cheat in the beginning, trust us you’ll need the rest. Mere mortals will make it to about 13, studs will make it to 18, and Gods will make it to 20 meters in one minute. Which one are you?


Ah this brings me back to my military days. You start off straight up, arm to sides. You then drop down and complete a full push up, you get back up into starting position and then jump high into the air with arms extended. When you land, get back down into pushup position and repeat.

Performing just 10 reps fast can rev your metabolism as much as a 30 second all out bike sprint, burning 2 calories per burpee for a 180 lb man. Aim for 10 burpees within 60 seconds.

Kettle Bell Swing

This explosive cardio exercise works the big muscles around your glutes and quads, and sends your heart into overdrive, according to research from the University of Wisconsin.

In a recent study participants burned 20 calories per minute with an average heart rate of 93% of their max, sustained over a 20 minute workout.

Next time someone invites you to go for a run, tell them you’d rather protect your joints and raise your heart rate instead.

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