Chris Bumstead Pokes Fun At Phil Heath For Weekend Warrior Comments

Looks like Chris Bumstead is getting cheeky.

Since making a few openly honest opinions about the Classic Physique division, Phil Heath has experienced a bit of blow back from both the fans and professional competitors alike. In the video, Phil Heath goes on to explain why he believes Classic Physique competitors will eventually find themselves making the move to Open Weight bodybuilding if they continue their career.

While the video wasn’t very very inflammatory, there appears to be a few terms that have risen the ire of some fans and Classic Physique pros alike. Phil Heath made the notion that Classic Physique competitors were like weekend warriors. For some in the community it sounded more like the seven time Olympia champion was making light of the hard work that these competitors put in.

In a show of cheeky retaliation, Chris Bumstead made a pretty interesting Instagram posts that’s making the rounds. In the post, Bumstead directly addresses the statement Phil Heath made in his opinionated video.

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It’s unlikely that there is bad blood between Chris Bumstead and Phil Heath, but it does give us a window into the mind of the young up and coming bodybuilder. While he has only recently turned pro, Chris Bumstead certainly has a ton of confidence and is likely to be a perennial contender, if not champion, in the Classic Physique division going forward. This response to Phil Heath’s comments also shows the distinct willingness of Bumstead to speak his mind, suggesting that he has a ton of pride in his chosen division.

What do you make of Chris Bumstead and his response to Phil Heath?

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    • He didn’t have weak arms. He had massive biceps and triceps and he had great forearms. Sure his arms were not his greatest strength, when comparing to greats like Kevin leverone and Lee priest, however when it came to pretty much everything else, he would obliterate the competition.

    • I beg to differ. Ronnie Coleman is one of the greatest ever. Well deserving of his 8 Olympia titles. However, despite the fact that he was about 20 pounds more massive then Dorian at 290 completion weight, he would never outclass Dorian with legs, calves, back, lats, traps and forearms. Dorian had better symmetry, and that grainy look. Having more mass doesn’t mean you have a better physique.

    • Yes he is and he is fucking blind lol Dorian was massive and exquisitely symmetrical. The mass he carried was chiseled to perfection. There was nothing ugly about Dorian’s physique. And that is incorrect. He did not have a fucking gut like Phil health. He was arguably the greatest conditioned bodybuilder in history. Never bloated. What a joke that Phil Heath would destroy Dorian? That is extremely laughable! Lol when can keep beat Dorian when he was on top. If he Dorian in his prime competed today he would win easily every year. when it came to Back, lats, legs, no one can beat Dorian. King Dorian would send Phil Heath into oblivion.

    • I disagree. It would be s great battle, but Dorian takes the Sandow. Ronnie Coleman was 20 to 25 pounds more massive, had better arms, more massive legs, but Dorian would best him when it comes to back. Dorian had superior back, lats, traps, calves. He had that grainy look, that conditioning that none can match. He beat Shawn ray every time. He beat foe. Wheeler everytime. However, I must say flex wheeler was more genetically gifted, but never took himself mentally were Dorian did, and that’s why Dorian Yates was ahead of the pack everytime. If it wasn’t for Dorian’s bicep and tricep injuries he would have won more Sandows.

    • Kai is great. I actually think he should beaten Phil. Dirty politics prevented that from happening. Victor is good, plats is a legend, but he was mainly know for his legs. You have to have the Complete package to win 6 Mr Olympia’s and Dorian Yates had the complete package. There is no way that Victor, Kai or plats beat Dorian in his prime. However, you are entitled to your opinion. Diversity, the beauty of life…..

    • Phil Heath wouldn’t Dr estrous Dorian Yates in his dreams. The only thing Phil has on Dorian his arms. That’s it. Other then that Dorian shrinks Phil to the size of an elf. Dorian overrated? Listen do the knowledge on the history of the man, the myth, the shadow. Dorian was the original mass monster with beautiful symmetry emphasising a 270 pound frame that was extremely grainy and supremely conditioned. He beat all the greats during his reign. And all the bodybuilders he beat are all time great. From Kevin, to flex, to Shawn, to nasir, Paul dillet, and the list goes on. Now Phil is a great bodybuilder, but not in the league of the bodybuilders from the golden age, which is the greatest era of bodybuilding. There is a few I respect from today’s era. Kai greene is one of them, and I believe he should have been Mr Olympia 2 years ago.

    • That is Yates when he first started. He got a lot bigger then that, and more shredded then that as his career evolved and that looks like photo shopped picture of Phil Heath. There is no way Phil was that much bigger. Phil got the upper hand in arms that’s it. Back, lats, traps, forearms, legs, calves go to Dorian.

    • Hey you find it funny all you want, but if you analyze Dorian’s physique, and Phil Heath’s physique, you can clearly see that all that Phil has on Dorian is arms. That’s it! Dorian ‘s traps, back, lats, shoulders, abs, legs, calves, forearms and chest are superior. Phil has horrible bubble gut, weak shoulders, and lacks humbleness. Kai should have been crown Mr Olympia 2 years ago. Kai Greene has a better physique then Phil Heath. Also better presentation. So all the Phil Heath fans, more power to you for standing by your man, but at the end of the day, Phil is not on the same level as Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman, to me those are the 2 greatest ever.

    • Idiot phil have far better legs, much bigger in size and conditioning!!! In Dorian era, every show had insane lighting on every show. You can watch 2010 Arnold Classic and 2013 Mr.Olympia Prejudging where lighting was good and you will see how insanely grainy Phil was. Much better legs, much better arms, much better chest, much better shoulders. Both have wesk abs, Dorians back is bigger (not by much) but Phil smokes Dorian Back Double and Dorian smokes in back lat and front lat spread. Only things that Dorian had is wider structure, wider back and bigger calves. Thats it you Dorian blind fangirl.
      It whould be close between 2013 Phil and 1993 Dorian, but Phil would still win.
      Ronnie on his 1999 and 2003 form smokes both.

    • The only fucking idiot here is you. Listen you Phil Heath cock sucker. Not even in Phil Heath’s wildest dreams can he beat Dorian Yates in his prime. Not in 92,93,94,95,96,97. Dorian had great abs, not a fucking bubble gut like Heath. Yeah sure his arms are great, and superior to Dorian’s but Dorian had a superior back, lats, traps, forearms, calves, and Eventhough phil has more leg mass, Dorian has better symmetry. Dorian epitomized the grainy look. Phil was never has grainy as Dorian. Not in 2010 or 2013. Dorian’s conditioning was superior. Phil will never be in the same level as Dorian. In fact golden age bodybuilders were better condition then today’s bodybuilders. Yates has greater shoulders, wider, not fucking narrow like Phil. Phil’s chest is not proportioned enough with his arms. Weak calves. Big rammy has a better physique then Phil. The only thing rammy needs to improve upon is his conditioning, then he will defeat Phil. As far Ronnie. He’s only one I that had a chance, but I still pick Dorian. Now choke on Phil’s cock and croak bitch! Nuff said….

    • When Phil Heath won his first Mr Olympia in 2011, I rated that as the best Mr Olympia package of all time with zero weaknesses. He looked so perfect in regards to symmetry, hardness, balance and size that the biggest critic would not find any aspect of his physique that he could improve. Genetically superior to Dorian. Can’t deny Dorian’s lat spread, calves and graininess. However his arms lacked shape. He had minimal thigh separation. Very weak pecs. Bloated gut from 1994 onwards. Furthermore as Arnie once stated, nobody heard Dorian speak or even smile after winning any of his Olympias. The 2011 Phil Heath would beat every version of Dorian. However the 2017 version of Phil with that big gut would have lost. Everyone has their own opinion on Phil Heath. I will just state that when he comes on stage at 100%, his physique will always defeat any other bodybuilder’s 100%. Speak in 3 years after they award the Sandow to…..”THE TEN TIME MR OLYMPIA WINNER, PHIL HEEEEEEAAAAATTHH!!”

    • Everybody has their opinion, and that’s the way it should. But there is universal truth. There is facts. And it’s a fact that no version of Phil Heath would dethrone Dorian Yates. Sure his arms for not his strength when comparing to Phil Heath, but the same can be said when comparing Dorian’s arms to Great’s like Kevin levrone, flex Wheeler, Paul dillet and more. However, Dorian’s front lat spread, back lat spread, back development, huge diamond shaped calves were unmatched. He blow away any competitor in the 90’s or today. Dorian was genetically superior to Phil Heath. Dorian had better symmetry, he had bigger back, and wider shoulders then Phil Heath. Having more mass in your legs or arms don’t make you a superior bodybuilder. Look big rammy. Bigger then Ronnie Coleman and nasir elsombaty and he would not beat those competitors with his 2017 version, which was great.

  1. Everyone is allowed their own opinion when it comes to anything, especially bodybuilding. That’s the beauty of this sport. You hear more trash talk in a gym then from the people’s champ. Phil is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

  2. Classic is way better, with aesthetics and better symmetry. Pro level bodybuilding has become ridiculous and almost grotesque with the bloated look and extremely unhealthy.
    Bumstead, Von Moger and the like are, in my opinion waaaayyy better. But, to each his own.
    The road to either physique is hard and most people don’t realize the work and dedication involved.

  3. Phil is trash, didn’t even deserve to win the Olympia. Now flex magazine calling him greatest ever lol. Joe would be spinning in his grave if he saw the fuckery that the ifbb is starting to become

    • How long have you been following bodybuilding? Why is it that Ronnie Coleman and Dorian yates, who watched the show in person agree without a doubt that Phil won? Even with a bit of a booated gut as a result of hernia issues and also because that just happens when you get that big, Phil still has an insane physique. If Phil wanted to, he could have stopped getting bigger when he had out on 30% of the muscle he has now, and dominated the Classic Physique, but he didnt want to limit himself like most bodybuilders. Joe was alive before and after Phil started his reign and the IFBB is not any different now then it was then so stop being a hater.

    • Pete Lucas Ronnie and Dorian both started looking like shit at the end of there reign so ??‍♂️. Yeah his body parts looked good but the midsection is a big part of the physique and it looked terrible and is an embarrassment.

  4. It’s funny how people get so offended by truthful things whether it be good or not so good. Classic is a new division that does need some judging adjustments. I get what Phil is saying here, but just like the physique division has, over the next few years we will see the size of competitors evolve and get larger. Classic was created to reform and reestablish what is aesthetically appealing. More so a style rather than a lower division of bodybuilding. Also as time goes on I believe the “weekend warriors” will filter out as the division intensifies. Like I’ve been telling people for a few years now, physique is tball of the bodybuilding sport. Give physique guys a runway, not a stage..

  5. Classic is where it’s at. My respect to modern bodybuilders, but that bloated look just isn’t cutting it. Even the mass monsters from the 90s didn’t look like that. The multiple premature deaths in bodybuilding the past decade should be enough to signal something is wrong. Bring back those golden era physiques and put them center stage, not sideshow.

    • Except the “multiple premature deaths” did not just start. Has been happening for decades. Pros like Dexter J, Shawn R, and Phil Heath could have dominated Classic just as easy has they limited their muscle and stopped at like 30% of what they have now so dont make it seem like classic has physiques that may top pros could not have had. Most all longtime bodybuilding fans are just fine with where BB is at today. If some guys prefer Classic or Mens Bikini class then that great but stop hating on the open.

    • Jonathan Mathew Day lmao ? I suck for voicing my opinion?? Bruh the majority of ppl agree, why do you think Classic came about in the first place? Even Arnie, arguably the most iconic figure in bodybuilding, said exactly what I said, along with other former pros. I don’t even have any pics up of me shirtless haha, how would even know? AND the gains I’ve made I did with zero PEDs. All I have to do is cut up, these pros have guts for life, it only gets worse, look up palumboism, not to mention a short life expectancy.

    • Pete Lucas there is definitely a correlation between modern pros and premature death though, when guys from the 70s are outlasting guys from the 90s and 2000s you know something is up. Some have even come forward about their ridiculous PED use and admitted it severely impacted their health. At this point it isn’t just “oh I prefer this”, it’s literally life and death, these guys are dropping left and right. Look at Robby Robinson, Zane, Bannout, Columbu, Arnie still alive and training well past their prime. Bodybuilding isn’t just about being massive, it’s not supposed to be a freak show, it’s supposed to be physiques people can aspire to and admire. Sure, the old guys took PEDs, but nowhere near the level modern pros do.

    • There’s always been bodybuilders dying prematurely.. Just like theres always been mass shootings.. Just like there’s always been police brutality.. Stop watching the news so damn much and thumbing your phone all day

    • Michael West so you’re saying guys from the pumping iron days were dying just as much?? ? interesting, last time I checked all those guys are all still alive. I just saw a video reunion of those guys actually. Now fast forward to the 90s and 2000s, interesting that when the mass monsters hit the scene all of a sudden deaths in bodybuilding increased dramatically. And that’s not even counting those that have health problems. Come on bruh, Matarazzo, Munzer, Nasser, Mccarver, Dan Puckett, Scott Klein, Greg Kovacs, Don Youngblood, and more. Then there’s guys like Prince and Wheeler with their health issues. Name as many guys from the 70s, I’ll wait.

  6. The thing is that bodybuilding and fitness evolves. Chris, proportionally (not conditioning wise) looks like the open class 40 years ago which has evolved in to what it has now. Look at women’s physique, DLB won the first Ms Olympia in that division and then in order to beat her the women stepped it up and now look like female bodybuilders from the late 80s and early 90s while there IS no more women’s Ms Olympia bodybuilding class. At some point in time without proper precedence being set each year, each of these new classes will experience changes in look and in what is accepted in that class in order to beat the top dogs and when they do they’ll get redefined and closer and closer to the men’s and women’s open class, the classes will look more and more alike and what will it matter at that point. But Heath didn’t have to call people names though lol

  7. Heath is the best there is in bodybuilding quite possibly the best ever but time will tell. Show me a classic physique multi year champ. Dont have one yet. Classic physique looks good but nothing will ever take over for open weight bodybuilding so Chris is a rookie and his opinion will have more weight once hes won 5 or more Olympia shows in classic physique.

    • Mano o phil não tem postura. Eu vi o video dele, ele disse que a classic nao é nada mais que uma categoria para beginners. Pra aquele cara que malha pra ir na balada querer competir tbm por diversão.

    • Isso é síndrome de inferioridade da parte dele, porque ele sabe que os Classic Physique são estéticamente superiores, então ele está tentando desvalorizar a categoria de alguma maneira.
      Eu não era fã ele, agora sou menos ainda.

  8. Phil is right the best bodybuilders in the world compete in open bodybuilding, classic physique is for gym rats who dont have the genetics or mental drive to be a open bodybuilder, if you go on the streets you will see very good basketball players but the best complete in the nba, remember there are levels to the game in all sports.

    • Your assuming the best play professionally. There are plenty of people that are good enough but never get the chance. Take Earl “the goat” Manigault for example.

  9. Show a picture of Arnold, CVM or Bumstead to chicks and they suddenly like bodybuilding. Show them Heath etc and they say it’s disgusting. Says volumes about why Classic is the right move for the sport…

  10. Maybe…just maybe…there is a new wave of competitors that love the sport and have the genetics plus the discipline to make it happen but would also rather not have an 800g heart and drop dead before 40.

  11. It sounds to me Phil is being a little petty and jealous I like open bodybuilding but I’m sick of the guts and just the water balloon drugged up body’s, that’s why fans are excited about the classic division.

  12. Greatest ever control their Gut or simply don’t have one, I believe nobody wants to look like Phil must likely iron addicts prefer to look more appealing or leaning towards Chris physic. Phil doesn’t deserve half of the sandows he has just like he say: “I’m collecting these trophies”


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