Chris Bumstead Pokes Fun At Phil Heath For Weekend Warrior Comments

Looks like Chris Bumstead is getting cheeky.

Since making a few openly honest opinions about the Classic Physique division, Phil Heath has experienced a bit of blow back from both the fans and professional competitors alike. In the video, Phil Heath goes on to explain why he believes Classic Physique competitors will eventually find themselves making the move to Open Weight bodybuilding if they continue their career.

While the video wasn’t very very inflammatory, there appears to be a few terms that have risen the ire of some fans and Classic Physique pros alike. Phil Heath made the notion that Classic Physique competitors were like weekend warriors. For some in the community it sounded more like the seven time Olympia champion was making light of the hard work that these competitors put in.

In a show of cheeky retaliation, Chris Bumstead made a pretty interesting Instagram posts that’s making the rounds. In the post, Bumstead directly addresses the statement Phil Heath made in his opinionated video.

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It’s unlikely that there is bad blood between Chris Bumstead and Phil Heath, but it does give us a window into the mind of the young up and coming bodybuilder. While he has only recently turned pro, Chris Bumstead certainly has a ton of confidence and is likely to be a perennial contender, if not champion, in the Classic Physique division going forward. This response to Phil Heath’s comments also shows the distinct willingness of Bumstead to speak his mind, suggesting that he has a ton of pride in his chosen division.

What do you make of Chris Bumstead and his response to Phil Heath?

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