WATCH: Phil Heath Gets Honest About Classic Physique

Phil Heath shares his words of wisdom regarding the Classic Physique division.

The Classic Physique division hasn’t been around very long, yet so many different individuals have their own opinions on the newly minted category. We’ve already had two different Classic Physique Olympia champions within two years, showing that the weight class is wide open with a ton of room to grow. Some people are of the opinion that this means Classic Physique will crown a new champion every year and won’t be able to have stability. Others believe this makes things more fresh and exciting as no one knows exactly what will happen from year to year.

From the keyboard warriors to the most recognizable face in the bodybuilding industry, everyone has their own take on the Classic Physique division. One such individual is reigning seven time Olympia champion Phil Heath.

Being a respected champion in the bodybuilding realm, Phil Heath knows a thing or two about nuances of having such a division pop up on the radar. The Olympia champion gives his take on the Classic Physique division and breaks down the intricacies of competing in the new category.

Whether you’re a fan or a detractor of the division, you have to admit that the category has some pretty solid talent.

Do you think Phil Heath is right about Classic Physique?

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