Drink This Juice For Rock Hard Erections And Muscle Building Benefits

“Hard times”

As men there are a few things in life we all fear, hair loss, prostate cancer, being beaten by the loudest guy in the office in pick up basketball, and not being able to sport the “baby arm” when a lovey young lady comes over for a glass of gas station wine.  While all are equally as terrifying, there’s one that may be cured by simply stopping in to your neighborhood grocer…

In a recent study 42 men found that Pomegranate juice significantly improved their erections. Several other studies also found similar results. Whether it’s because pomegranate juice helps improve heart functioning, which in turn improves blood flow, is unknown – but we do know it gives you a mean woody, and that what counts.

Caution: Before you go rushing out to the local Pathmark to buy a year’s supply of “Pom”, side effects could become long standing (see what we did there?) if combined with other ED drugs. When combined with drugs like sildenafil and Viagra, The Urology Annals publication documented three cases of men who suffered from erections that lasted between 5 and 8 hours and needed medical intervention to alleviate. Researchers theorize this was because Pom juice blocks two enzymes (CYP3A4 and CYP2C9) that are involved in the metabolism of Viagra. If the drug isn’t metabolized it makes it even more potent with petrifying effects.

But how much should you drink? If you want to experiment with the explosive effects of pomegranate juice you should try 6 ounces once a day. Whether you want to drink it closer to “naughty time” or not depends on you but subjects who drank it in the morning reported pretty stiff results when having sex that same evening.

However, it has been reported that effects fade after a period of about a month or two. So for best results you might want to consider “cycling”, maybe every month, or even two weeks. Many of you guys know all about cycling, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Well, I’m all out of erection puns and consequently any new information on the subject, but if you want an all natural and fairly cheap way to keep your chubby standing at salute (guess I had one more in me) then this might be a solid option.

P.S. Supposedly beet juice works wonders as well…but that’s another article.

Hit us up in the comments section below and let us know if this red wonder has worked for you?

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