Benefits Of MCT Oil For Mental & Physical Performance

You’ve probably heard of it, but what can MCT oil do for you?

With so many health supplements and diets fueling the health and wellness industry today, we may be overwhelmed with the options laid before us. It’s interesting to think about it like this, but with so many options, it may be harder to try a new supplement or diet because of the difficulty in choosing. Well, there is one product that is making waves and that is MCT oil. Packed with tons of benefits, this product can help with weight loss, energy endurance, and a host of other health benefits.

MCT oil has become a popular supplement for athletes and bodybuilders and its no wonder why. A healthy way to get good, solid fats without any processed additives or sugar is something everyone should consider. Getting over the idea that consuming fat is bad for you is one stigma needed to change because in moderation, and with the right kind of fat, it can really work to your overall benefit.

Let’s check out the best MCT oil on the market and see why people are buzzing. The ability to put it with any beverage and the health benefits along with it make this a serious contender for front row on your shelf. A great addition to a smoothie post-workout, or a cup of tea before bed, this versatile supplement can really be a friend to your health and wellness needs.

MCT oil

What Is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is a supplement derived from fat called medium-chain triglycerides which come from coconut or palm kernel oil. These are smaller than most other fats and can be absorbed quickly and used for energy much faster since they enter the bloodstream much quicker by going directly through the gut.

Used for a variety of reasons like weight loss, appetite control, extra energy, and inflammation, everyone can benefit from the uses of MCT oil. Very popular with the ketogenic diet, which is a low carb, high fat and protein diet, MCT oil can be versatile for whatever diet you may or may not be on (1).

MCT oil

Benefits Of MCT Oil

Promotes Weight Loss

MCT oil helps promote weight loss in a number of ways. By promoting fullness, consuming MCT oil has helped people eat less. Calories in equals calories out and this has really proved to be very beneficial for many to help stop them from snacking throughout the day. It does this by working to release two hormones that promote fullness, being peptide YY and leptide (2). It is also lower in calories than other oils so overtime, that can help with calorie reduction. Since MCT oil is absorbed into the blood stream quicker, it can be used as energy and not stored as fat for later.

Provide Energy Boost

MCTs can be used for immediate energy since they are absorbed very efficiently into your gut and then transferred to the liver without the need for bile to break it down. MCTs enter your cells and are used for immediate energy (3). They also work to use more fat for energy as opposed to carbs so you start to shed that unwanted body fat and see that desired physique come to life. Of course, increased energy from these fast absorbing fats will allow you to work harder and for longer in the gym, thus burning calories and seeing weight loss.

Improve Cognitive Function

MCTs become ketones, which are used for energy and can work to give your brain a boost as well as aid in focus. When it comes to brain fog, which is the degradation of functional cognitive ability that results for a number of reasons, MCT oil can help. Working to kill the negative effects which include general stress, depression, and a lack of motivation, your cognitive help can see a real boost with this supplement (4).

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Lower Cholesterol & Blood Sugar

There may be benefits to protecting the heart by lowering cholesterol. Studies showed that consuming coconut oil reduced bad cholesterol and increased good cholesterol when dealing with a quality diet and workout routine (5). It also helps with improving blood sugar levels and working to manage it, especially those with insulin sensitivity.

Reduces Lactate Build-Up

When lactate build-up strikes and starts to hurt our performance, we suffer from a decrease in blood flow which is where our limit is reached. Taking MCT oil before a workout may help decrease levels so you work out longer and harder (6). With improved workouts, you can then burn more calories and enhance your athletic performance without unwanted pain or lactate build-up getting in the way.

Supports Gut Health

Good fats help your gut when it comes to absorbing vitamins and minerals as efficiently as possible. This helps your gut digest nutrients in order to improve digestive performance but also ensure you get vital nutrients from any supplement you take (7). If you take a multivitamin, a healthy gut will allow for every single vitamin and mineral to hit your body and aid in your absolute overall health.

The Best MCT Supplement

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Wrap Up

MCT oil is a one of those products that everyone is raving about. Whether on a ketogenic diet or not, this product is great for anyone looking to get a healthy dose of good fats into their body to help with all their macronutrient needs in the best way possible. Getting over the fear of consuming fats is important as we seek to better ourselves and our overall health and wellness and taking a supplement like MCT oil can really do just that. With the ability to increase energy, aid in weight loss, manage blood sugar levels and cholesterol, and assist with cognitive function, this versatile and healthy product is sure to help you see the gains you want to see. Try MCT oil today and see what it can do for you.

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