George Farah thinks insulin is dangerous and unnecessary for bodybuilders to succeed.

While steroids has been and perhaps always will be a taboo word in sports and especially bodybuilding – a new drug has gained popularity when it comes to building muscle. Insulin has been a trending word in headlines lately and blamed for everything from bloated stomaches to tragic young deaths. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, legendary bodybuilding trainer George Farah discusses the reality of insulin in bodybuilding.

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George Farah doesn’t waste any time the second we begin discussing about insulin in bodybuilding. He immediately apologizes and claims to pray for forgiveness to this day. Why? Because he was one of the early adopters of insulin use for bodybuilding. Since then a lot has changed. More information has become available and insulin has become a major part of the conversation surrounding bodybuilding.

Today, George Farah believes that bodybuilders should have nothing to do with insulin. He admits that there is a “right” way to take insulin in order to pack on massive amounts of muscle fast. But the risk isn’t worth it – and once you mess up your insulin levels it can have truly dangerous effects on your entire body.

George Farah is clear and to the point throughout our conversation about insulin. He thinks no one should be using it to gain muscle and that it’s extremely dangerous. He also believes there is a major misconception of how many pro bodybuilders actually use it. Instead, he thinks the real risk are the younger aspiring bodybuilders making assumptions, receiving misinformation online, and jumping head first into a dangerous drug they don’t understand.

When George shows people the supplements that pro bodybuilders he has trained take – many people don’t believe him. Why? Because they are shocked by just how much less PEDs are actually being taken.

That’s why George Farah wants to make it clear – “It’s all wrong when it comes to insulin.” You can watch him explain it himself in our latest GI Exclusive interview above.

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