Kali Muscle attacks Generation Iron’s credibility and Victor Martinez responds. Plus: will the NPC/IFBB Pro expansion of natural bodybuilding cause controversy?

The latest installment of the Generation Iron Podcast serves up a smorgasbord of topics, ranging from fiery controversies to groundbreaking developments in the realm of bodybuilding. Hosted by Victor Martinez, Ehsan Farahi, Edwin Mejia Jr., and Vlad Yudin – this episode delves into Kali Muscle’s response to Generation Iron as well as the implications caused by the NPC and IFBB Pros plans for natural bodybuilding competitions. 

On a previous episode of the Generation Iron Podcast, Victor Martinez and the GI crew reacted to Kali Muscle’s video claiming bodybuilding was demonic. They also commented on the general advice (and possible misinformation) that Kali was sharing on his social media accounts.

It seems that Kali Muscle saw the podcast episode, as he has released a new video directly calling out Victor Martinez and Generation Iron. In his response, Kali Muscle reiterates that bodybuilding is demonic and that any media outlet or athlete that participates in the sport of bodybuilding is demonic.

On this week’s podcast, Victor Martinez and his fellow hosts watch the new Kali Muscle video and give their new response.

They also focus on the recent announcement that the NPC and IFBB Pro leagues plan to expand natural bodybuilding shows by adding 30 new competitions to the leagues. This decision is in effort to have better representation for drug tested competitions and natural athletes. But will this cause controversy for the league and put new attention on the untested nature of many popular IFBB Pro competitions?

Victor Martinez dives in deep on both topics this week – let’s recap.


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Kali Muscle Doubles Down: Is Generation Iron Demonic?

The episode jumps right into discussion surrounding Kali Muscle’s incendiary remarks in response to Generation Iron. Muscle’s video, titled “Bodybuilding Must Be Stopped (Generation Iron Are Bad People),” lambasts the industry for its alleged promotion of ‘demonic’ practices and dangerous substances.

Ehsan Farahi wastes no time with his opinion of Kali Muscle and his response video. Ehsan unapologetically calls Kali “a clown” and later ” a piece of sh*t.” Victor Martinez, on the other hand, adopts a more conciliatory approach, defending Muscle’s right to express his views, he remains steadfast in his conviction regarding the merits of bodybuilding as a discipline.

Victor Martinez believes that any sport can become dangerous when athletes pursue greatness. But that does not meant he entire sport or industry is “evil.” Victor is fine with letting Kali Muscle have his own opinions. What he has a problem with is how Kali is trying to convince the world that the sport of bodybuilding is black and white. Kali finds the entire sport an unhealthy and dangerous endeavor. Victor believes that it is not – and there is plenty of history, experience, and facts to prove it.

Will The Expansion of Natural Bodybuilding Competitions Cause Controversy?

The spotlight then shifts to the big announcement by IFBB Pro and NPC regarding the expansion of natural bodybuilding competitions. With the introduction of 30 new drug-tested events, the hosts delve into the implications of this strategic maneuver.

Vlad Yudin raises the question – by now having over 30 drug tested bodybuilding competitions – doesn’t this directly imply that the league is aware and accepting of the non-tested competitions being “enhanced?”

Victor Martinez acknowledges that this may be true. However, he also believes that it will only be initially controversial because it is new and current internet culture is addicted to outrage. Victor believes that the controversy will be limited and short term.

In fact, Victor Martinez lauds the initiative as a boon for drug-tested athletes and a catalyst for sponsorships within the natural bodybuilding domain, Edwin Mejia Jr. underscores the newfound opportunities for aspiring competitors to ascend the ranks and potentially grace the coveted Mr. Olympia stage.

As of today, natural bodybuilding has many independent leagues that offer drug tested events. However, these leagues are all relatively small and do not bring anywhere near as much engagement or prize money as the NPC and IFBB Pro leagues.

Victor believes that this expansion will provide an opportunity to make natural bodybuilding into an actual revenue-generating enterprise. This will make a positive impact for an entire niche of the sport, allowing natural athletes better opportunities at sponsorships and hopefully increased prize money.

Ehsan Farahi also concurs, stating that this now gives natural bodybuilders even footing to compete properly in the IFBB Pro and NPC leagues. They will even get an opportunity to compete at the Mr. Olympia – with proven bonafides that they competed, qualified, and stepped onto the Mr. Olympia stage completely drug free.


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How To Best Schedule A Push/Pull Training Split

Transitioning to the fan question segment, the hosts dissect the nuances of a push-pull split workout routine with surgical precision. Drawing on their wealth of experience, they explain the optimal combination of compound and isolation exercises to stimulate muscle growth and enhance training efficacy.

From the importance of exercise variation to the strategic structuring of push-pull days, their advice offers invaluable guidance for fitness enthusiasts seeking to maximize their workout routines.

Victor Martinez states that it is best to do a combination of compound and isolated exercise movements in the same day. This allows for exhausting the full muscle efficiently from all angles. Typically, it is also best to separate push and pull movements on separate days. This way you do not exhaust all of your energy on push movements – then become tired for pull movements later in that same workout.

Tom Platz’s Quads and Stem Cell Therapy

In a reflective interlude, the hosts pay homage to the indomitable legacy of bodybuilding icon Tom Platz, particularly his enduringly colossal quads. Victor Martinez waxes lyrical about Platz’s unparalleled work ethic and his enduring impact on the sport, reminiscing fondly about his awe-inspiring physique.

The conversation then pivots to Ronnie Coleman’s fervent endorsement of stem cell therapy as a transformative modality for health and recovery. Victor Martinez echoes Coleman’s sentiments, extolling the virtues of stem cell therapy while lamenting its prohibitive cost, which remains a barrier to widespread accessibility for athletes.

Wrap Up

As the curtain falls on another riveting episode of the Generation Iron Podcast, listeners are left with a tapestry of insights and perspectives that illuminate the multifaceted landscape of bodybuilding. From contentious debates to visionary innovations, the hosts’ impassioned discourse serves as a beacon for enthusiasts navigating the ever-evolving currents of the fitness industry.

You can watch the full episode above. And make sure to check back every week for new episodes on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

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