Kali Muscle Calls Bodybuilding Demonic: “Competitive Bodybuilding Is Against What God Ordered”

Kali Muscle believes bodybuilding is evil and demonic.
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Kali Muscle continues to go against competitive bodybuilding in a big way.

Kali Muscle continues to speak against competitive bodybuilding and the use of drugs in the sport. Recently, in a video entitled “Bodybuilding Is Demonic,” Kali spoke on bodybuilders being “against god” and believes the sport is evil.

“All of this sh*t of the devil. I want to say this, if you’re a bodybuilder, you are not of god, bro. Competitive bodybuilders is against what god ordered. Even me. When I was doing it, I knew in my soul and spirit it wasn’t the right thing to do.”

Kali was a great athlete at a young age and burst onto the scene in bodybuilding in 2009. He showed off an insane physique with great size and conditioning. In 2010, Kali had a goal of turning pro and added even more size once he got the right coaching. This is when he began using more and more steroids to fine tune his physique. In 2021, Kali suffered a heart attack that was caused by a clogged left artery.


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Since his first heart attack, Kali has been against bodybuilding and has taken on many methods to improve his health in how he feels is productive. The first step was getting off drugs.

“I got off everything. That’s how I was able to have my twins. If you a bodybuilder then you not of god. All of y’all, God, titles, IFBB Pro, you got guys. You’re a lie, you’re the Devil. Only the devil going to tell you to pump drugs into your body.”

Kali Muscle has taken on many unique diet plans to drop weight and keep his body in shape in ways he believes work best.

Kali Muscle Calls Bodybuilding Evil And Demonic

Kali has not only cut drugs and steroids out of his life, he has also eliminated many foods. He is no stranger to changes in his diet plan. He has cut down to one meal per day in the past and has also been on a kick of eating just fruit. Kali has also spent weeks at a time cutting out food all together.

In November, Kali spoke on how he lost nine pounds in just six days on his water fast.

“People really think food is the answer. The body heals itself. If you’re putting in America’s poisonous food, your body won’t heal. It’s like you’re on medication.”


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“They got a new study out saying intermittent fasting is bad for your heart. You should eat every eight hours and probably what they tell you to go buy at grocery stores too. It’s stupid, bro. Like why you want to engorge people with your poison? It makes my soul and spirit just cringe.”

Kali Muscle continued to speak on bodybuilders passing the passion along to their children. It is not something he is interested in doing.

“Only the devil going to have you eating poison and promoting it to kids. Like, y’all that got kids, are you going to tell your kid to body build and pour steroids into their body? If you do, you’re a piece of sh*t, simple as that.”

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