Kali Muscle Eats One Meal Per Day, Avoids Supplements: “Everything We Learned, To Me, Is Fake”

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Kali Muscle has taken on some new tactics and regimens since suffering a heart attack.

Kali Muscle is a former bodybuilder that has recently spoke out against the dangers of the sport. He has experience with steroids and has warned others about the dangers of different substances and the sport as a whole. In a recent interview, Kali continued to discuss his own regimen and explained how he is only eating one meal per day.

Kali, who’s real name is Chuck Kirkendall, suffered a heart attack in 2021. He was hospitalized after having his left artery clog up 100%. He spent time in the hospital and was able to make a full recovery but decided to change some of his ways.

Kali Muscle spent time in his career eating a poor diet and using many steroids. He built an impressive physique that made him a threat in Men’s Open but is not interested in leading that lifestyle anymore. In fact, he avoids all substances and is not into eating many meals per day.

Kali Muscle Eats One Meal Per Day

There are many diet plans around bodybuilding that feature many meals, up to six or more per day. According the Kali Muscle in an interview with Escape Fitness, this is not effective and believes that a lot of information out there is fake.

“One meal a day, two max. I’m scared of all supplements. I’m scared of ingesting anything.

Everything we learned, to me, is fake. We used to laugh at people who take supplements in prison. We ate tuna, top ramen, mackerel, and peanut butter. That’s what did it though, all those bad carbs.”


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Kali has been open about his time in prison and how he was able to train to build insane muscle. He trained with the equipment available to him and added plenty of weight before his release in 2010. From there, Kali won the 2012 Mr. California and used this to build his career in many ways.

Since suffering his heart attack, Kali has taken on some new tactics and it has helped him shed weight.

“We’re just caught up in this culture that bigger is better.

Everyone’s starting to wake up. I’m starting to see on social media what we’ve been told we need. We don’t like six meals a day, four or three a day. I’ve been on this regimen since I had my heart attack. I’m down to 195 and I love it. Crazy shredded and don’t have to depend on food.”

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