Ronnie Coleman Praises Stem Cell Treatments: “It’s The Most Amazing Thing God Has Created”

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Ronnie Coleman says stem cells kept him from “going under the knife.”

Ronnie Coleman put together one of the best bodybuilding careers of all-time. In retirement, he has dealt with health issues, including multiple surgeries. Recently, he spoke on stem cell treatments and how they kept him from undergoing another surgery to repair a herniated disk.

Coleman battled it out with some of the all-time greats during his reign as Olympia champion. He won eight-consecutive titles from 1998-2005, which is tied for the most wins of all-time with Lee Haney. In retirement, he has remained active in the gym and has also had to deal with health issues.

Coleman has gone through multiple surgeries to repair injuries to his back, neck, and hips. During his career off stage, Coleman has been working to walk again unassisted and this includes a trip to visit Amr Ismail at his recovery center in Abu Dhabi.

“I need a break. 13 and man, it’s been rough but you know you can never keep a good man down.”

During a recent conversation with Bob Cicherillo, the bodybuilding legend was able to discuss his recent use of stem cells.

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Ronnie Coleman Talks Stem Cells

Ronnie Coleman has been open about his health in retirement and has not shied away from discussions about his surgeries. Cicherillo asked Coleman about his use of stem cell treatments and he had plenty of positive things to say about his experiences.

“Stem cell is the most amazing thing that God has created right now for me. It really has done some amazing things for me. Number one and the best thing ever, it kept me from going under the knife once again because I had a herniated disk in my mid-back and it was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced but after about four treatments of stem cell, it is 100% healed and I have no more pain.”


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Chris Bumstead has also been an advocate of stem cell treatments. Aside from ice baths, which Bumstead is a big promoter of for his overall recovery, he also goes through different stem cell injections that produce different benefits.

Ronnie Coleman continues to focus on his health and plans to continue to make big strides. He wants to make it to more bodybuilding events in person and begin walking on his own. All goals will be achieved with the help of stem cells.

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