New Research Suggests Stem Cell Therapy Enhances Muscle Growth and Regeneration

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Research supports stell cell therapy to improve muscle growth and regeneration. 

Did you know there was a cheat code to help you build muscle faster because of scientific advancements? Finally, a powerful weapon that you can utilize that doesn’t leave you gasping for air through rigorous workouts or eating chicken, broccoli, and rice for every meal. Stem cell therapy is viable for those looking to pack massive amounts of muscle. 

This is why many elite athletes and bodybuilders — including 7x 212 Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis and 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman — have turned to them after discovering their positive effects on their workouts and physique. Read on to learn more. 

What Is Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem cells lie within your muscle and are responsible for growing and repairing tissue. The more stem cells you can produce, the more muscle you can build and the faster you recover

Stem cell therapy is the process of using stem cells to help your muscles grow and generate. Your body already produces stem cells. So new stem cells are either extracted from your body or someone’s else. These stem cells have properties that help you repair and grow muscle tissue. 

Stem stell therapy, often called regenerative medicine, works exceptionally well for those suffering from an injury. For example, think of a shoulder injury. Patients who have received stem cells for such injuries have reported less pain. And, therefore, can get back in the gym sooner or do movements that were once bothersome. 

In addition, research shows that stem cell therapy can help with muscle growth. That’s because it enables you to regenerate new muscle tissue (1). 

How Does It Work? 

Muscle regeneration depends on muscle progenitor cells (MPCs), activated by nutrients and growth factors such as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 increases protein synthesis by increasing satellite cells (adult muscle cells). Activating your satellite cells is required for the regenerative process. So any nutrition or intervention that can stimulate the release of IGF-1 will lead to muscle regeneration and growth. Stem cells are one factor that has the potential to do this. 

It also increases your production of growth hormones, which are responsible for protein synthesis and preventing muscle breakdown. 

Stem cell injections are inputted directly into the injured area or the muscle group you’d like to grow bigger and stronger. These stem cells hold powerful healing process abilities to help your muscle repair from injury or strenuous activity or build more muscle tissue. This reduces your pain, inflammation, and soreness, meaning you’ll be able to get back to the gym faster after a workout or injury. In addition, you’ll be able to train with more volume since it enhances your recovery, further enhancing your muscle growth. 

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy 

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Of course, there are many benefits to stem cell therapy. 

Faster Recovery Time 

You’ll recover faster from injuries if you implement stem cell therapy. This will help you alleviate pain quickly and get you in the gym faster. 

Increase Strength

Stem cell therapy will strengthen you and help you hit new personal records. A weight you once plateaued on will feel lighter the next time you lift it. 

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

Of course, not only will you gain more strength, but you’ll build more muscle since strength is correlated with muscle growth. But since stem cell therapy regenerates new muscle tissue, it’ll put an extra layer of mass on your frame without adding any body fat. 

Boost Metabolism

Since stem cell therapy helps you build lean muscle naturally, it’ll speed up your metabolism. That’s because the more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism will be. 

How Do You Increase Stem Cells? 

Of course, resistance training is one way to increase stem cell production since it activates your satellite cells. But another approach is to practice stem cell therapy. For example, injecting a needle with stem cells into your injured muscle or the muscle group you want to strengthen and build muscle mass. But what if you want a less invasive approach? One that’s less expensive and comes with less risk.

A 2022 study supports the use of dietary supplements to enhance muscle cell activation (2). 

MuscleMeds Stemtropin 

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MuscleMeds Stemtropin is the first natural dietary supplement that increases stem cell and GH production. A 72% increase in GH and a 20% increase in stem cells is a pretty drastic increase, so it should provide you with all the benefits GH and stem cells offer, including increased strength and muscle growth, muscle regeneration, and fighting age-related diseases.

A premium natural dietary stem cell and growth hormone booster like Muscle Meds Stemtropin is our supplement of choice. 

Stemtropin increases stem cell production by 20% and HGH by 72%, skyrocketing muscle growth. It also helps with muscle regeneration and protects against age-related muscular atrophy. The natural ingredients in this product that make this possible are:

  • Sea Buckthorn 500 mg
  • Safed Musli 500 mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens 375mg
  • Melatonin 5 mg

Stemtropin works to boost your stem cells and promote overall well-being. This innovative dietary supplement contains the natural herb buckthorn, known for its 20% increase in stem cell activity. In addition, you’ll get Safed Musli, which may help reduce swelling, and tropical legume Mucuna Pruriens, which might improve testosterone levels too. It also has melatonin: an antioxidant powerhouse with powerful properties to shield muscles from intense exercise-induced oxidative stress. 

Final Word

Stem cell therapy is an excellent option for athletes and lifters looking to get stronger and add muscle to their frames without doing any additional dieting and lifting. This is all possible by injecting your stem cells or another patient stem cells into the injured muscle or the muscle group you want to strengthen. 

Of course, you’ll still need to adhere to a proper diet and train — and the more you diet and train hard, the better results you’ll get with stem therapy. But as long as you’re already working out and eating healthy, stem cell therapy will improve your physique. In addition, stem cell therapy will help you recover from injuries and physical activity, so you can get rid of pain quickly and get back in the gym sooner. 

Stem cell therapy is expensive and comes with risks, though. This is why we recommend a natural dietary product with the same benefits. Try MuscleMeds Stemtropin and share your results with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


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