Psycho Fitness discusses the responsibility of bodybuilding gurus to their clients and responds to George Farah’s condemnation of insulin.

In our time interviewing athletes and experts in bodybuilding, we’ve asked each one where they think the responsibility lies for the health of a competing bodybuilder. Does the bodybuilding coach or guru need to take responsibility? They certainly provide the protocol for athletes to follow including supplementation and in some cases PEDs. Previously, George Farah responded that he did think gurus are responsible – and that he regrets certain choices he made in his coaching past. Specifically, he regrets ever recommending insulin to athletes. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Psycho Fitness responds to Farah’s condemnation of insulin in bodybuilding. He also shares his thoughts on the responsibility a guru has for their athletes.

In the modern era of bodybuilding, coaches and gurus have been under fire. They have been criticized for not taking responsibility for the health of their clients. Bodybuilders often follow protocols provided by gurus. But what if that protocol ends up leading to long term heath issues? Is the coach to blame? Or is the athlete? Neither are licensed doctors when ti comes to supplementation and drugs – so should the athlete know better? Or should the coach know better?

This is the question we posed to many experts and athletes over the past year – including Psycho Fitness. Psycho believes that a guru is definitely responsible. This is largely due to many self proclaimed coaches and gurus being nothing more than social media influencers. Psycho believes many coaches today actually don’t know the research that goes behind workout plans. This is what leads to so many bad coaching experiences and potential athlete health issues.

When it comes to legends like Chad Nichols, George Farah, or Hany Rambod – Psycho Fitness’ opinion starts to take a different form. He thinks that the biggest names in bodybuilding are very responsible coaches. If any health issues were to occur, it was likely because the athlete didn’t follow that protocol exactly. The internet makes bodybuilders think they know more than their own coaches.

So what about insulin? A drug that has become popular in bodybuilding since the 90s and has been seen as a potentially extremely dangerous drug. IN our past conversations with coaches we’ve had different responses. George Farah has famously regretted ever recommending insulin to his athletes. He refuses to do it anymore. Milos Sarcev, on the other hand, very much believes the drug is safe so long as the athlete follows instructions to the letter. What does Psycho Fitness think?

“All respect to George Farah… but insulin is a part of bodybuilding now,” Psycho Fitness claims in our interview.

“So it’s like this – whitening teeth. Everybody is whitening their teeth, right? Everybody has these gleaming white teeth. But you have one guy that doesn’t have them. You go – ‘what’s wrong with you?’ So it’s like, if you’re not doing insulin, which some pros do not, some people don’t need it. That look is a little bit different from the other bodybuilders and you can stand out in a bad way.”

Do you agree with Psycho Fitness’ assessment of bodybuilding gurus and insulin? Check out his full comments in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

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