Tom Platz Boasts Massive Quads At 68 Years Old During Recent Update

Tom Platz Instagram

Tom Platz continues to keep insane quads at 68 years old!

Bodybuilding legend Tom Platz is nicknamed the “Quadfather” for a reason, and he has maintained his incredible reputation in this area at 68 years old. In a recent post shared on Instagram, Platz is seen showing off his massive quads once again.

One of the most influential bodybuilders in the past 50 years, Tom Platz has left his mark on bodybuilding history. Always known for his massive legs, which were created through his brutal leg workouts, Platz would go on to teach many other bodybuilders throughout his career. He hoped to pass on his knowledge and ensure that countless other competitors were able to build quality legs of their own.

Known as “The Quadfather” and “Quadzilla” it’s safe to say that Tom Platz cornered the market on massive legs in bodybuilding. Training and competing alongside other legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Lee Haney, and countless others, Platz is well-traveled and has gained a ton of experience that he uses for the benefit of other fitness enthusiasts.

Tom Platz Recent Leg Update

Platz shared a post for his wife’s birthday featuring a quick quad update and the meal they enjoyed to celebrate.

“* Announcement *

March 23rd was Cha’s 74th Birthday!

“I make a Living Giving.” ~ Rev Dr Cha”


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Tom Platz, who also goes by the names “The Golden Eagle” and “The Quadfather”, was a 70s and 80s era bodybuilder. He even stepped on the Mr. Olympia stage from 1979 to 1986, even competing against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1980, although his highest ranking was a third place finish in 1981. Platz’s bodybuilding career is still remembered and celebrated by fans of the sport.

Tom Platz’s Leg Workout

Well, here is what you came for, the workout Tom Platz did to build up his massive legs:

Exercise Sets Reps
Squats 8-12 5-50
Hack squat 5 10-15
Leg extension 5-8 10-15
Lying hamstring curl 6-10 10-15
Standing calf raise 3-4 10-15
Seated calf raise 3-4 10-15

Standing at 5’7” tall, Platz reportedly weighed between 225 and 235 lbs in his prime, with his legs being more than 30 inches round. This is where many people say his downfall of the Olympia was, because Platz was far more bottom heavy than top heavy, lacking symmetry.

When you think of some of the greatest legs in bodybuilding, it is no doubt that legendary bodybuilder Tom Platz comes to mind, even in his older age, he still dons a set of shredded legs. The Golden Era Bodybuilder is a man who truly believed in taking your sets until failure, and while some say this was nothing but junk volume, Platz had – and still has a fantastic set of legs.

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