Best on the Planet – Legs Which Can Put Tree Trunks To Shame

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The Biggest and The Meanest Legs In The Fitness Industry

A pair of big wheels are what separate the men from the boys. Shredded legs are a sign of dedication, commitment, and brute strength. The athletes on the list make gym bros look like electric bulbs.

For an aesthetic physique, you need to lay equal, if not more, focus on your legs as compared to your upper body and the athletes in this article are the perfect example. The next time you think of skipping leg days, these athletes will haunt you in your dreams.

Tom Platz

If you’re talking about the most insane legs in the bodybuilding world, you can’t leave Tom Platz out of the conversation. The fact that Platz had the legs he had back in the golden era of bodybuilding is nothing but insane.

Ronnie Coleman

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I think inquiring minds out there want to know, I know almost the exact dates these 2 photos were taken. The photo on the left was taken around October 28, 1991. It was the World Amateur Championships held in Katowice Poland, the contest was formerly known as The Mr. Universe contest. The photo on the right was taken September 28, 2003. The contest was the Russian Grand Prix held in Moscow Russia. Of course I’m kinda guessing on the exact date but if some of you Bodubuilding historians happen to find the exact dates that would be pretty cool. Now for the approximate weights. The photo on the left came via weigh in the day before and I weighed about 95 kilos which is about 209 pounds. The photo on the right I was 286 the week before which was the week of the Olympia. I’m guessing I put on at least 5 pounds of water from the flight to Russia from the USA. So that would make me around 290 pounds. So we’re looking at an approximate 80 pounds of muscle gain in a matter of 12 years. Of course most of you guys know how hard I trained over the years and the price I’ve had to pay, no regrets though.

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Ronnie Coleman holds the record for the most number of Mr. Olympia title wins. He won the most prestigious bodybuilding show for eight years in a row. Coleman was a force to be reckoned with in his competitive years.

Julian Smith

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Isn't social media crazy?! I've learned a lot about the internet the last few years. Some good – some bad. But time and time again I find that positivity rises to the top! I've met some incredible people I never would've have the pleasure of talking to without IG. I've gotten awesome recommendations while traveling and had business opportunities pop up just because that person/company was able to find me on social media. – To anyone who doubts the power of this community, or feels like it's all a bunch of BS.. I'm here to tell you there are GOOD people on here with honorable intentions. No matter if you use the app for fun, for business, for exposure, you can sift through the crap and find gold! Be genuine, be honest, be consistent and success will follow ??

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Julian Smith is also known as “The Quad Guy” and we approve his choice of name. Smith follows brutal leg workouts, and he shares them with his followers on Instagram. You’ll surely be motivated to train your legs after scrolling through his Insta feed.

Branch Warren

Warren is known for his grueling workouts. He works out at the non-air conditioned Metroflex gym in Texas which goes on to say a lot about his work ethic. Branch’s legs look nothing less than tree trunks with veins.

Jay Cutler

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The grimace says it ALL!!!

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Being crowned 4X Mr. Olympia is proof Jay Cutler is one of the best bodybuilders in the world. Jay broke all the standards with his size and conditioning when he stepped on the Mr. Olympia stage to dethrone Ronnie Coleman (another entrant on our list) for the world’s best bodybuilder title.


Kai Greene

Kai Greene was the contender for the Mr. Olympia title for the longest of times and some people consider him an uncrowned Mr. Olympia. Kai has a unique style of training, and he includes a variety of exercises to target and develop his legs.

Dorian Yates

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Daisy Dukes ? #Repost @this_is_bodybuilding with @get_repost ・・・ So…the LEGS have it. By a narrow margin more people requested LEGS over BACK for the next Mr. Olympia Body Part Rankings List. Don’t worry Back fans! Back will follow Legs! The LEGS series won’t be started for a few days, but it’s coming up soon. Anyone saying Tom Platz or Paul DeMayo should win will be blocked. Kidding. I will ignore you (unless you’re insulting) and leave it to my loyal followers who read the words “Mr. Olympia” in the title of the series to ridicule and shame you.??? Here are the amazing tree trunks of 6X Mr. Olympia @thedorianyates. Check out that vastus medialis! I have already stated that I believe he is the Mr. Olympia with the greatest Calves ever…though there are a few others who had/have great Calves…and Calves are part of the Legs. This is not a Best Quads List, it’s a best LEGS list. The entirety of the leg. This will include the Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Calves…NOT the Glutes. Will the Glutes factor into the BACK List? No. While I would factor them into the judging of either the Back Double Biceps, Back Lat Spread or Back Relaxed POSES…I would consider them their own body part. And, NO. I will NOT be doing a Best Butt List. I’ll save that for my Bikini Ms. Olympia Lists! Kidding. I won’t be publishing that List. But @ashleykfit is #1 on it. #dorianyates #mrolympia #legs #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #bethebiggerperson #thisisbodybuilding

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Dorian Yates is 6X Mr. Olympia and is the person responsible for starting the trend of pushing the human muscular size into the stratosphere. Yates dwarfed everyone when he stepped on stage and dominated the bodybuilding world for years.

Ben Pakulski

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When you look at this picture, what comes to mind? Hard work? Genetics? Steroids? One thing I Suggest you NEVER do is discount how much work went into creating something. You have NO idea the amount of time, pain, discipline, and obsession went into creating this physique. Most people will fail in life because they discount the amount of time and work it’s going to take to get accomplish their goal, so when it gets hard they crumble like dry leaves. Whatever you think it took, multiple that by 20. And the next goal you set out to crush, multiply your expectation by 100 and hope it’s even harder. Never ask for it to be easy. Ask for you to be better. Im grateful for my pain, im grateful for my struggles, they made the man I am and will continue to push harder than most people ever conceive because I’ve been dark places most people aren’t willing to go. What struggles are you grateful for? #YouCantDoWhatIDo #mi40gym #muscleintelligence #mi40 #benpakulski #mi40life

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Ben “Pak Man” Pakulski has one of the freakiest legs in the bodybuilding industry. His quad sweep is so defined, it looks like it’s morphed. It doesn’t end here, his 23-inch calves act as the show stoppers when he turns around to hit his posterior poses.

Joey Swoll

Joey SwollJoey’s legs look like a ton of meat has been slapped onto them. Swoll is one of the most famous internet fitness celebrities, and his popularity is growing with time. His aesthetic physique and insane athleticism have made him a crowd favorite.

Flex Lewis

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Toronto what’s up!!!!! – #repost @toprosupershow ・・・ ‼️HEY ATTENTION EVERYONE AT 12 PM MEET FLEX LEWIS AT BOOTH 1227/1326/1328‼️ . It’s Official, the greatest 212 Bodybuilding Olympia winner of all time; @flex_lewis is at the Toronto Pro SuperShow Expo , and will be at the CPA booth at 12 pm Bodybuilding icon ‘the Welsh Dragon’ James ‘Flex’ Lewis won the coveted Mr. Olympia Championship title for the seventh consecutive time in the 212 class at last year’s Mr Olympia!! . Don’t miss your opportunity to meet this 7x current Mr. Olympia Champion, Flex Lewis.?????. . #torontoproshow #ifbbproleague #npconline #npcworldwide #aroundthecpa #competitors #bodybuilding #fitness #bikini #figure #physique #fitfam #instafit #instagood #fitspo #sponsors #vendors #expo #preplife #muscle #flex #gnc #allmax #zoomimagepros #absolutetouch

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Flex Lewis is the king of legs, and only a few people can challenge him for the throne. Lewi’s legs are perfectly proportionate, have the size, and his calves look like they have a life of their own.

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