Instagram Athlete of the Week – Julian Smith

Instagram Athlete of the Week - Julian Smith

Julian Smith – The Quad Guy

Internet fitness celebrities don’t get any more humble and genuine than Julian Smith. Smith had a humble beginning in the fitness industry but has now amassed a mind-blowing 1 million followers on Instagram.

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know about Julian, let us introduce you to him. Julian Smith calls himself The Quad Guy and we would go as far as to say he should put this name on his driver’s license.

After Tom Platz, if someone comes to mind for having monstrous muscle mass on their legs, its Julian Smith. Just like Platz, Smith swears by the squats and consider all the other leg exercises secondary.

Julian isn’t your typical bodybuilder. Smith puts out original content with a lot of exercise variations which you could try in your workouts. The exercises Smith shares on his timeline will surely ignite some new gains in your muscles.


Smith trains at his personal gym. The Arms Race gym has great lighting and is a paradise for the selfie queens. Julian holds regular open gyms and you should check them out if you live around the area.

It’s Okay to be a Sissy

Notice that Julian doesn’t use any weights on some of his exercises. The size of his legs should be proof you don’t need to be lifting big weights to add muscle mass. Proper form and a complete range of motion should do the trick.

Julian Smith shares his daily workouts on his website as the “Daily Pumps”. Going by his Instagram stories, Smith has been getting a lot of love for the results his clients have been getting following his workouts routines.

Julian leaves no muscles untouched. He trains his neck, calves, and forearms (what others might think of as accessory muscles) the way he workouts all his other muscles. When was the last time you trained your neck?

The Golden Boy

Smith is a fan of the golden-era bodybuilding and trains for the old school aesthetics. Symmetry and muscle proportions are the cornerstones of Smith’s training. Smith with his golden-era V-taper has all the qualities of a classic physique.

You don’t have to perform the same exercises every time you train a muscle. You can come up with numerous new exercise variations with the same old machines in your gym. Smith will push you to think outside the box.

Julian Smith is a sponsored athlete and can be seen promoting their products on their websites and expos. One thing which separates Smith from many other athletes is that he only recommends the products he uses.

If you’re pumped up to train your legs after seeing all those quad shots, this is the video you should watch before you head out the door. Always remember, fads come and go, but the golden aesthetics stay forever.

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