Name: Frank Zane

Nickname: The Chemist, Mr. Symmetry

Birth date: 6/28/1942

Height: 5’9″

Competition Weight: 185 lbs

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Frank Zane was born and raised in the small coal mining town of Kingston, Pennsylvania. He describes himself as an introverted, self-conscious youth who was “brought out of his shell” by the discovery of weightlifting magazines in his early teens. He began training at his local YMCA and pursuing weightlifting despite the fact that many in his community thought it was an unusual career choice and discouraged him from pursuing it. He persevered and had a successful career in bodybuilding spanning two decades. He has won the Mr. Olympia title three times and is one of only three IFBB-certified pros ever to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Zane graduated Wilkes University in 1964. He earned his nickname “The Chemist” for his college degree and is use of amino acids and supplements, which was highly unusual for the time. He made his pro debut in 1961 at the Mr. Pennsylvania contest and won the Olympia title three times, from 1977 to 1979. He also won IFBB Mr. Universe in 1965 and is a two-time winner of the IFBB Mr. America title. He was inducted into the Joe Weider Hall of Fame in 1994.

Zane retired from bodybuilding in 1983. Together with his wife Christine, he opened a fitness center in San Diego, California called the Zane Experience. He currently works as a performance coach and fitness expert, and has his own line of exercise videos.


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