NSFW: Flex Wheeler Shares Video of Open Leg Wound Before Amputation

This isn’t for the faint of heart.

The recent news of Flex Wheeler having to amputate the lower part of his right leg came as a major shock to the bodybuilding community. While health concerns had been raised in the past concerning Flex Wheeler, no one could have guessed that things would turn out the way they did.

Flex Wheeler went through with the procedure that most likely saved his life. In the after math the legendary bodybuilder had to deal with depression, hospital bills, and the question of what to do next.

Since then, Flex Wheeler has been pushing himself in the gym getting back on track with his exercises. But in a recent video on his Instagram page, Flex Wheeler once again touches on the experience that has completely changed his life.

Be warned, the video below is graphic and NSFW. Flex Wheeler shares what his leg looked like prior to amputation and it was a disturbing sight to say the least.


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A MESSAGE TO MY RIGHT LEG 🦵 _____ IM SORRY 💔 _____ I was in the hospital with you from March 2019 to July 2019 we were even in a coma for 10 days together. I just want you to know, I fought SO HARD for over 8 months trying to save you. All the pain and Suffering, even to the point of shutting down my kidney for months taking harmful medication wasn’t enough to save you. I gave it everything I had even to the brink of losing my life. But it wasn’t enough to save you. IM SORRY for letting you down. Thank you for over 54 years of service, we did some amazing incredible and unforgettable things together. _____ I MISS YOU EVERY SECOND OF EACH DAY… I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AND YOUR UN-RE-PAY- ABLE SACRIFICE I SALUTE YOU

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There’s really no words to explain what Flex Wheeler is going through. He’s shown a great deal of heart to be able to bounce back in the way that he has, but you have to think it’s been a major mental hurdle for the legendary bodybuilder.

But with his warrior mindset, Flex Wheeler will no doubt get through this harrowing time.

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