Flex Wheeler Reveals Lost Gains Due to Recent Health Issues

Flex Wheeler has lost more than his right leg.

Flex Wheeler has certainly gone through a lot in the last several months. The legendary bodybuilder recently was forced to amputate his lower right leg or risk further severe health issues. It was truly a tough decision for Flex Wheeler to make, but he did so knowing that the procedure would save his life.

But it appears that there were other complications that Flex Wheeler faced ahead of his much publicized leg amputation. Apparently Flex Wheeler had also been dealing with the loss of his gains due to an earlier attempt to save his right leg.

In a recent Instagram post, Flex Wheeler revealed that he had a stent put into his right peck in order to help with blood flow and circulation. Little did he know that it would be the beginning of several events that would not only rob him of his gains, but of his right leg as well.


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Swipe ………These photos were taken July 2019 😥😢💔. _____ In a attempt to save my right leg. A stent was put in my right peck that goes all the way down to my right leg. Unfortunately the day after the emergency surgery the stent irrupted. Within seconds my right peck, shoulder and neck was full of Blood🩸 to the point were my neck was so swollen that I was losing consciousness due to not being able to breathe. My amazing doctors had to go in and do a emergency surgery to stop the blood loss. But due to me being on intravenous heparin , They had to wait 24 hours to make sure I wouldn’t bleed out. So I laid there screaming and hallucinating going in and out of consciousness. Due to the nerve damage and neuropathy. I lost full usage of my right peck, shoulder all the way down to my fingers. ( evidently blood and nerve endings/internal tissue don’t get along too well ) _____ I had to learn how to do EVERYTHING!! I mean EVERYTHING ( FEEL ME ) Even write with my left hand. I’ve gained about 20% of my right peck, arm and hand back so far… _____ Thank GOD for the little things 🙏🏾 Disabled. But I’m not disabled!!! 🙏🏾 #neuropathy #chronicpain #heparin #stent #fighton #nevergiveup💪 #Allin #morethenaathlete👑‼️💯 #surgery #doctor #thankgod

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It’s truly sad to see all the terrible things Flex Wheeler has gone through over the past year. But the legend is keeping his spirits up and still trying his best to bounce back from this tough circumstance and really that’s all one can do in a situation like this. Put on a brave face and tackle the issue head on and hope to come out stronger on the other end.

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