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We’re falling deep into the autumn now. Days are getting shorter. Darkness is falling across the land. And for a good chunk of the world it’s starting to get colder. But just because the cold is starting to spread it’s harsh bitter bite… that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to stay inside and avoid putting your body through the pain and gain of a hardcore workout. But don’t worry – we’re hear to help you. Another week means another new workout song that will get you pumped and fired up as hell so that no amount of cold can stop you from hitting the gym.

Everyday is another step closer to your bodybuilding goals. That’s why this week’s song focuses on greatness in the grind. Every day in and day out you should be pushing faster, harder, stronger towards physique perfection. This track from Kevin Rudolf will help you do just that.

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This Week’s Pick

Song: In The City
Artist: Kevin Rudolf
Album: In The City

So crank up the song. Add it to your playlist. And get them gains!


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