Logan Paul Suing Ryan Garcia For Defamation Of Prime Drink

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Logan Paul shared a video in response to Ryan Garcia bashing Prime.

Ryan Garcia has been dealing with the aftermath of positive PED tests following his fight with Devin Haney. Now, the boxer has another issue at hand. On Thursday, Logan Paul shared that he has filed a defamation lawsuit against Garcia after comments made about Prime Hydration Drink.

Paul, who is a co-founder of Prime, shared that the company filed the suit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

“Prime Hydration, a better-for-you beverage company that I co-founded, has sued influencer and boxer Ryan Garcia for defamation.

The dude’s been going nuts on social media claiming the drink is, uh, killing you, has cyanide in it, has poison in it. All untrue stuff, obviously. It’s a hydration beverage. The kid needs to be held accountable.”


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Garcia has made many public claims against the drink, including that it contains cyanide and different poisons that are harming the public. On Friday, Paul shared another video breaking down what has been said in recent weeks, including Garcia’s response to the lawsuit.


Logan Paul Files Lawsuit Against Ryan Garcia

Logan Paul first announced the lawsuit on Thursday and this prompted responses from Ryan Garcia. He posted screenshots of alleged text messages between the two but Paul addressed it saying they were false.

“You don’t have my number. I don’t have your number and yet, you continue to lie. This is why we’re suing you for defamation.”


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Garcia has since deleted the post. In Paul’s video, there were other issues addressed as well, including Garcia claiming he would donate to children in Gaza.

The issue is far from complete and there will be more details released in the coming weeks. Logan Paul ended his video by inviting Ryan Garcia to a fight outside the courtroom.

“Prime has a thousand employees, dog. We’re a multi-billion dollar business. It’ not just me so we’re certainly not going to let you come in here and damage the company for attention.

And by the way, the lawsuit, the suit we’re filing, is in Texas so there’s a mutual combat law if you’re feeling some type of way and want to duke it out outside the courtroom.”

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