Stan Efferding Talks Cycles, Training While On Steroids: “If You Don’t Eat, Train Right It’s Not Going To Do Much”

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Stan Efferding spoke on typical dose in bodybuilding and if muscle grows without training properly.

Bodybuilding legend and strength coach Stan Efferding has shared his expertise within the world of fitness, performance, and achieving peak athletic prowess. Recently, he joined Derek MPMD to discuss a typical steroid cycle in the sport of bodybuilding, along with growing muscle while on PEDs.

The discussion began with the topic of steroid use in bodybuilding. Efferding, who is familiar with this area, shared that it is not uncommon for competitors to be using multiple compounds at one time.

“I think that people use multiple compounds, as I mentioned in my pre-contest cycle, it was multiple compounds. Usually, at a minimum of a gram a week, collectively, that would be a pretty small dose for most Pros.

I haven’t really seen anything north of three personally and I’ve worked with a lot of big athletes.”

When it comes to muscle building, there are many factors at play. Efferding brought up one very important one and that is genetic predisposition. To back up his point, Efferding used Phil Heath as an example.

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“There’s a lot of guys out there using a lot less who are a lot bigger just because they are more genetically pre-dispositioned. Like Phil Heath, he came out of nowhere. His gains were so fast. You just kind of know there are certain people who have that predisposition and or have both and are hyper responders.”

Stan Efferding made an exciting return to the Mike O’Hearn Show earlier this month to help spread more of his advanced knowledge on all things fitness and strength training. With a decorated career spanning bodybuilding, powerlifting, and coaching, Efferding brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. For this conversation, Stan Efferding focuses on the differences in how the average person should train vs the top 1% of athletes – and why there is a difference between the tactics of each.

Stan Efferding Talks Muscle-Building While On PEDs

There is a certain misconception by some that the use of steroids and PEDs will grow muscle with minimal effort elsewhere. Stan Efferding wanted to clear the air on if it is possible to build muscle without proper training.

“You could take all the gear and if you don’t eat properly or train, it’s not going to do much.

Even if you have the potential from all these additional drugs, it may put you in a state of toxicity and just compromised health whereby you would never be able to achieve potential anyways because you’re like in a state of dysfunction to begin with.”


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There have been studies on this very topic. Results will be referenced where athletes put on weight when they did not work out but Efferding credits the amount of food for these numbers.

“Those are over-feeding studies. Those are 170-pound individuals taking in 3,000 calories a day and .8 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Those effects didn’t occur at 200 milligrams. I don’t think they occurred at 400, they occurred at 600 milligrams so there was a dose-dependent. The gains were pretty slight.”

Stan Efferding continues to be one of the biggest experts in the fitness world today. He has plenty of knowledge about muscle-building and all areas in the sport of bodybuilding.

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