Get Popeye Forearms With These Simple Forearm Exercises

popeye forearms

Get Popeye Forearms

Muscle symmetry is what separates the men from the boys. Bodybuilding is a game of illusions and having proportional muscle groups accentuates the size of your muscles. If competing is your goal, you need to train for symmetry and muscle balances.

Forearms are one of the most overlooked muscle groups. People usually train them as accessory muscles at the end of their arm workouts. It is no surprise these people have bulging biceps and skinny forearms.

If your goal is to have gigantic biceps and triceps, you can’t afford to skip training your forearms. While skinny forearms can make your arms look smaller, ripped forearms can add to the size of your bis and tris. Do these simple exercise to get Popeye forearms.

1. Farmer’s Walk

Farmer’s Walk is one of the most effective exercises to build muscle mass and strength in your forearms. Performing this exercise will make you stronger at other exercises where you need your grip strength. Farmer’s walk is a staple exercise in strongman training.

If you don’t have farmer’s walk black bars at your gym, you can use dumbbells for this exercise. Hold on to some heavy dumbbells and walk for as long as you can without dropping them. Challenge yourself to do more every other time you perform this exercise.

2. Barbell Finger Rolls

This is one of the most underutilized exercises for forearm development. Chances are, you would have never seen someone do this exercise, but you will be certain of its effectiveness once you do it yourself.

Hold a barbell with an overhand grip. Slowly roll down the barbell to the tip of your fingers. Return to the starting position, curl your wrist and squeeze at the top of the movement. You can also do a behind the back version of this exercise to isolate your forearms.

3. Cable Reverse Curls

Using a cable as opposed to free weights helps keep the tension on your target muscle group throughout the movement. While using dumbbells you have tension on your muscle on the concentric part of the motion but there is no tension on the eccentric part.

Cable reverse curls can help with building the top of the forearms and the outer biceps. Since this exercise can recruit your biceps, you need to make sure you’re performing it with complete control. Keep the reps slow and deliberate to exhaust your forearms.

4. Wrist Curls

Wrist curls are probably the most common forearms exercise performed in gyms around the world. If you have lagging forearms you should perform these exercises at the beginning of your workouts. This will help in recruiting your forearms in every exercise you do later in the workout.

Sit and the side of a bench and place your forearms on the bench with only your wrist hanging off. Hold a barbell or dumbells with an overhand grip with your thumbs over the barbell. You can also perform the underhand variation to target the inner forearms.

5. Cable Overhand Inward Wrist Curls

Cables can be incredibly useful at annihilating your forearms. Cable overhand inward wrist curls will isolate your forearms and will fill them with lactic acid by the end of the exercise. For this exercise, sit on a flat bench with your forearms parallel to each other placed on your thighs.

Attach a straight bar handle to the pulley and sit at a distance where the weights don’t rack at the bottom of the movement. Curl your wrists inwards towards your knees and squeeze at the top of the movement.

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