Is Joseph Baena Beginning To Train With Hany Rambod?

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Joseph Baena and Hany Rambod were seen in a campaign together. Could the duo join forces in the gym?

Joseph Baena has been creating his own path in fitness over the years. The son of Arnold Schwarzenegger clearly shares his father’s passion for fitness and has worked to improve his physique. To get even better result, could Baena begin working with legendary coach Hany Rambod?

On Thursday, fitness model Axel Martinez shared a video training with Rambod training at the Young LA gym. Martinez, who is a Young-LA sponsored athlete, appeared in a recent promotion featuring Rambod and Baena. The post, which looked like it came after a workout, was shard on social media by each individual.

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Over the course of his career, Rambod has coached the likes of Phil Heath and Jay Cutler. Now, he can be seen in the gym with the last two Olympia champs, Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan, and Classic Physique champion Chris Bumstead.

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Could Hany Rambod Begin Training Joseph Baena?

The social media campaign was for Young LA but it begs the question, could Rambod begin training Joseph Baena?

Baena has hinted at competing in bodybuilding in the future but there are no plans to this point, however that does not mean he is not training hard and crafting an incredible physique. He continues to build muscle while maintaining his lean physique. To help, he has worked with the likes of Robby Robinson and Mike O’Hearn in the gym.

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Baena has been open about many avenues about his fitness journey. As the son of one of the all-time great bodybuilders, who has been open about his previous steroid use during his career, it could be assumed that Baena would be interested in pursuing the same path. Instead, Baena shares that he never felt the need to use them.

As of now, there is no confirmation if the two are working together in the gym. If Joseph Baena is preparing to transform his physique for the purpose of competing, working with Hany Rambod would be a great start.

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