Bodybuilding Great Robby Robinson Looks Ripped, Hits Poses At 76 Years Old


Robby Robinson continues to train hard in the gym and results speak for themselves.

Bodybuilding legend Robby Robinson has continued to train hard since retiring from competition. He has shared different tips and workouts for those looking for ways to improve training. In a recent session with Mike O’Hearn, Robinson showed off his shredded physique during a posing session at 76 years old.

Robinson found great success right way in his bodybuilding career. He earned the Mr. Universe title and Mr. America title in 1975 to set a tone. In 1979, Robinson was the inaugural winner of the Night of the Champions contest. Mike O’Hearn has found similar success in many areas. He is also a former Mr. Universe winner, model, actor and host of the Mike O’Hearn Show.

Robinson has not stepped on stage since competing at the 2001 Masters Olympia. Now that his days on stage are over, this does not mean that his passion has gone away.

Late last year, the Generation Iron Network announced production had began on the life story biopic of Golden Era legendary bodybuilder, Robby Robinson. During the 2022 Olympia weekend, the first teaser trailer for the documentary, titled Robby Robinson’s Blueprint, premiered.

Robby Robinson Looks Shredded During Arm Workout

Robby Robinson has worked with O’Hearn in the past and joined him once again for an arm workout. The video showed Robinson performing a drop set of preacher curls before hitting a side-chest and most-muscular pose.

“We’re always working, working, working. All the time. I love what I do,” Robinson said.

Robinson has been in the fitness industry all of his life. He began competing as an amateur in 1974, where he won the AAU Mr. Southeastern USA and Mr. Southern States titles. He quickly gained popularity and success on stage, which he enjoyed over the course of a career that spanned four decades.

Robby Robinson continues to be a legend in bodybuilding and an influential voice for those who are looking for tips and tricks. At 76 years old, it is clear that he continues to focus on his own fitness.

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