Arnold Schwarzenegger Breaks Down If Plant-Based Protein Powder Offers Same Muscle-Building Benefits as Whey

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The Godfather of bodybuilding discusses a question that is becoming more prominent in the fitness community

Protein is an essential macronutrient when it comes to building muscle mass, but hitting your daily protein intake can be difficult to do, especially for those who are vegan and have chosen not to consume animal-based products. 7x Mr. Olympia and pioneer in the sport of bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger understands these struggles, as even he has cut back on meat to help with health and well being. In a recent Arnold’s Pump Club newsletter, the Austrian Oak compared plant-based protein powder versus animal-based whey protein, to see which brings more muscle building benefits.

Schwarzenegger has led many lives in one, winning several Olympia titles, becoming an actor in many well known films, and even getting into politics by becoming the governor of California. He credits all of his success to his passion for fitness and weightlifting. Schwarzenegger switched to an ’80 percent’ plant-based diet to preserve his cardiovascular health, after undergoing surgeries due to some issues. 

When they first hit the market there were several studies that had suggested that plant-based protein alternatives were not as effective for building muscle mass as those derived from animals. However, new research has come out and Schwarzenegger explains that plant-based protein can offer pretty similar muscle and strength gains, thanks to its strong amino acid profile. 

Plant Based is the Same as Whey

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Schwarzenegger states that plant-based protein powders offered the same muscle-building benefits as whey protein, although whey protein options had more essential amino acids that fueled muscle growth and recovery. However, in the last few years, plant-protein alternatives have caught up, offering similar amino acid profiles. 

How Much Protein Can You Consume?

Schwarzenegger states that 32 grams of plant protein can be seen as the ‘sweet spot’ for those aiming to to build muscle, and to ensure a proper amino acid profile from your plant protein intake, Schwarzenegger says aiming for 30 grams per serving is ideal.

The Best Vegan Protein

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Wrap Up

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Overall, at 76 years old, Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken a heavy interest in preserving his health (not that he wasn’t healthy before), but having just undergone a pacemaker surgery, he is looking for all options to stay healthy. That being said, the bodybuilding champ believes you can achieve similar benefits with plant-based proteins as you would with whey protein, provided you consume approximately 30 grams per serving.

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