Joseph Baena On Never Using Steroids: “I Never Felt Like I Needed To”

Joseph Baena shares why he
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Joseph Baena continues to build his physique but has not decided to use steroids.

The sport of bodybuilding is something that Joseph Baena has been around his entire life. As the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Baena is well-versed in bodybuilding and has even worked on making his own way in the fitness world. Where Baena differs is, despite his potential in bodybuilding, he has decided to remain natural and not go on different substances.

Baena has hinted at competing in bodybuilding in the future but there are no plans to this point, however that does not mean he is not training hard and crafting an incredible physique. The 25-year-old continues to build muscle while maintaining his lean physique. To help, he has worked with the likes of Robby Robinson and Mike O’Hearn in the gym.

What Baena has not worked with is steroids as he continues to build his physique naturally.

Joseph Baena Instagram

Joseph Baena On Why He Never Took Steroids

Joseph Baena appeared on Trensparent with Nyla Nayga and was asked the hard-hitting questions, including the one when the host asks why he has never taken steroids.

“You just slammed that one on me right now,” Baena said jokingly.


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As the son of one of the all-time great bodybuilders, who has been open about his previous steroid use during his career, it could be assumed that Baena would be interested in pursuing the same path. Instead, Baena shares that he never felt the need to use them.

“I never took steroids because I never felt like I needed to. It just comes up because it would like, I want to see what would happen. A lot of people, that’s like half my comments. It’s like ‘could you just hop on the juice already, bro.'”

A question from a fan came in asking Baena what cycle he would choose to go on and once again, he answered in a joking manner.

“Something simple. A little test, a little D-bol.”

Joseph Baena continues to work hard in the gym and wants to help others achieve their goals as well. During the New Year, Baena released his first training program where fans can follow his guidance.

Within this program, it will allow users to track weight and reps, ensuring that they are making the right amount of progress. It is a four-week program that has a split of 4-6 days of upper body, lower body, push, pull and legs workouts.

Baena wants to build an elite physique and continue to add size but his method of doing it naturally remains the same.

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