Arnold Schwarzenegger Answers: How Much Protein Is Too Much?

Arnold Schwarzenegger share how much protein a person should eat daily.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger breaks down how much protein a person should be eating daily.

Protein has become synonymous with weightlifting because of the benefits it brings to your body. No one knows this better than bodybuilders. Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to be one of the major voices in bodybuilding on many different platforms. This includes a daily newsletter where he can speak on many topics.

During a recent edition of Arnold’s Pump Club, the bodybuilding legend shared information on how much protein a person should be consuming on a daily basis.

Schwarzenegger references the National Library of Medicine when he writes the “higher amounts of protein are safe and support healthy living, muscle gain, fat loss, and aging.”

“It’s hard enough to be healthy, but when seemingly informed reporters suggest you’re putting your body in danger by overeating protein, it makes it even harder to know what to eat.”

Schwarzenegger goes into detail about how much protein a person should be eating daily.

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Arnold Discusses Protein Intake

Arnold Schwarzenegger looks back at an article suggesting that protein intake is not important to monitor unless you are “pretty ambitious about bodybuilding.” Schwarzenegger goes against that and claims that all people can benefit.

“The “sweet spot” of daily protein intake for clinical health, body composition, and exercise performance requires you to eat 100 percent more protein per day than what’s suggested by the outdated RDA recommendation.”

Schwarzenegger continues to explain that this could be a benefit in weight-loss scenarios as well:

“The clinical benefits of eating double the protein of the RDA in weight loss scenarios include greater blood glucose control and blood lipid profile improvements compared to lower amounts.”

There is a way to take in a healthy amount of protein on a smaller scale if you are not as interested in muscle growth. For those who are interested in growing in the gym, there are other ways to include more.

Schwarzenegger references a “systematic review” that broke it down further.

“A systematic review determined that in lean, resistance-trained athletes sustaining an energy deficit, eating 2.3 to 3.1 g/kg of fat-free mass (approximately 1.9-2.6 g/kg, or 0.9-1.2 g/lb of total bodyweight) was required to preserve muscle mass.”

In the end, Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that protein is important for everyone, not just those interested in bodybuilders. With that being said, there are ways to limit or add to your daily intake depending on goals.

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