Luke Stoltman Announces He Suffered Torn Biceps Tendon

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Luke Stoltman will be sidelined for 6-12 weeks with the injury.

Strongman training and competitions are reserved for special athletes that have prepared their bodies to the best of their abilities. There is a major risk of injury when moving this kind of weight on a daily basis. On Wednesday, Luke Stoltman shared that he suffered a torn biceps tendon and will be forced to take time off from training.

“It turns out that the biceps tendon is tore. It’s not fully detached, which is good news, but I’m going to have to take some time off or some time to rehab the bicep tendon which is a bit unfortunate.”

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Stoltman began feeling discomfort during the 2024 World’s Strongest Man competition. He traveled to London to visit his doctor when the pain did not let up. This is when he was given the news that there was a tear in his bicep.

“My tendon here in the middle of my arm was not feeling so good. I kind of thought it was just going to pass by. It just wasn’t getting any better. I’ve never felt this pain before and fortunately for me, I’ve never had a severe tear.”

The tear was not complete and his tendon was not detached from his bone. This means Stoltman has avoided surgery but will have to rehab to get his arm back to full strength.

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Luke Stoltman Suffers Torn Biceps Tendon

Luke Stoltman competed at the 2024 WSM after his victory during the Europe’s Strongest Man event. He secured his second title in the UK before returning to Myrtle Beach for the biggest event of the year. Stoltman felt a great deal of pain during the WSM and this could have started in Europe.

“That’s kind of why at World’s Strongest Man, I felt a lot of pain. Initially when we were doing, picking up the sandbags and doing the car, it put a lot of pressure on the tendon in my bicep. I could just feel something that wasn’t quite right.”

Stoltman met with a surgeon, who was able to point out the direct problem.

“He said there was like a 3-5 centimeter hole in my tendon. So, the tendon is still intact but in the middle here, there is a big hole. He said that probably started in Europe’s, maybe the stone carry, something can not feel quite right as the stones turn in your hand, it can but a bit of pressure on your bicep. And during the Atlas Stone, something didn’t feel quite right.”

Luke Stoltman will take 6-12 weeks off from training while going through recovery. If he continued to train, there is a chance that the tendon becomes completely detached and this is when he would require surgery.

Stoltman thanked his fans for support and wished all competitors luck moving forward. It is clear that his focus is on returning to full strength and getting back in the gym.

“I really want to get them fired up and back to bulletproof in terms of my age and everything. I want them to be 100% before I get back to training and that is what we intend to do.”

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