Former Pro Wrestler Jimmy Rave Passes Away at 39

Jimmy Rave struggled with drug addiction and this led to having both legs amputated.

Former professional wrestler James Michael Guffey, better known as Jimmy Rave, has passed away at the age of 39. Rave passed away on Sunday and his agent, Bill Behrens, made the announcement in a statement released on Monday. An official cause of death has not been released.

Rave began his wrestling career back in 1999 and it spawned more than two decades. During his career, Rave was a two-time NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion. He appeared in Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling and on WWE’s Sunday Night Heat. Rave also made appearances with Dragon Gate Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.


Jimmy Rave enjoyed a long career as a professional wrestler. Outside of the ring, he served as the Director of the Bartow Count, Georgia Peer Support, Wellness and Respite Center for several years.

Rave had been struggling with drug addiction for many years. Because of this, he developed a MRSA infection and had to have both legs and one arm amputated. This happened back in October and Rave took to Twitter to speak on the issue.

“Apparently it’s time for me to come clean. This past June I began having trouble walking & went to my surgeon. He determined I had MRSA in both legs & they needed to be amputated immediately. Promoters can tell you along with my peers, I’ve had a history w/this and would cancel shows often due to this condition. I don’t know where rumors started this was due to something else, but I hadnt been to shows for so long. So where did someone see me do something? *I* have ALWAYS been honest with my past. *I* went on podcast n interviews being super candid,” Jimmy Rave wrote.

Jimmy Rave had a great passion for professional wrestling and that lasted until his death. He had a huge impact in the ring and was an influential voice, not just in wrestling, but outside as well. Generation Iron sends condolences to family and friends during this difficult time.

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